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  1. sorry for wasting feed space but i was strolling through the sales section and the starlet you sold was just wow man...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Im sure you will be seing it at some point, sounds like hes going to be 'dailying' it for a bit wasnt nice to see it go, just praying he looks after it !
  3. Not quite sure why pics arent in the order i put them in
  4. Have wrote a for sale add out, just waiting to to be approved
  5. FOR SALE 98 Glanza V Odometer reading - 135902km (84445 miles) MOT - Sep 2019 Imported - July 2015 V5 present in my name I am the 2nd UK owner This car is VERY clean inside and out ! The car is very clean underneath and has been undersealed. It was pretty much standard when I bought the car at the start of 2017, since then all mods have been done in my ownership. Just had oil and filter change ready for sale. Has had oil changed every 5000 miles. Cam belt was done in June 2016, have receipt for cam belt Very well maintained, no money spared, if its needed something
  6. Cheers mate And a mitsubishi evo 5 gsr Fresh import with a few ralliart goodies on it
  7. Not been on here and posted for a bit but its now sadly coming to an end with the glanza the replacement is coming on saturday, i will make an add for the glanza soon, been an awsome couple of years in the seat of a glanza and dont really want to get rid but has to go .. onwards and upwards as they say
  8. 1.3 bar rad cap now on, next up i think is a nice fresh half rad Also been getting the car ready for modified nationals next weekend, given it a 2 stage polish and removed the swirls and now also appparently reflects quite well
  9. New front brake kit went on today aswell as fresh near brake disks, pads and bearings Also fitted the new steering wheel and boss and sorted the resistor for the airbag light Now ready for a few shows but unfortunately didnt book for japfest tomorrow
  10. Just put the boss and steering wheel on Its the 2 red wires on the resistor you need to use for this kit if anyone needs to know for future
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