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  1. Hi peeps I have just bought a rolling glanza shell, and I removed the skirts to find some nice big holes in the sills. The sills for starlets are discontinued, anybody know how much it costs to get them done? Replaced.
  2. Little snap of how it sounds, personally I love the sound of it! received_974202483101623.mp4
  3. So the side skirts I had to drill the sills with an 8mm drill bit to fit my clips for the skirts, and then screwed in the end caps, they fit really well tbf, impressed myself! Fitted the tailgate and numberplate surround with new clips. And sourced a 98 spec front bumper along with headlights and a bonnet!
  4. Got hold of some lowering springs and got my skirts and numberplate surround freshly painted. Ready to glanza the outside
  5. Sorry for not updating for a while I will get you up to date, wasnt abandoned. It was finished with the great help of lukEp pics to follow 👍
  6. Dont suppose you have a glanza block or head by any chance?
  7. Not long bought the car, these alloys came with it, but i can't find out what they are?? Anyone know?
  8. Update on the build : Today I spent the morning on the starlet, I had gathered a fair chunk of parts. Firstly I drilled the holes for the oil filter housing to sit and tapped them. Heat wrapped the decat pipe, I did want to wrap the manifold but the standard glanza one is small and you just cant get anything on it haha, so sprayed that with VHT paint black. So then fitted the manifold and turbo, glanza sump oil feed and return. Rocker cover went back on and I started her up, just to see if it still ran 😂 it does 👍👍
  9. Cheers mate, wish I wasnt working still I'd be able to get loads more done 👍
  10. Got stuck in to spraying the rocker cover this afternoon too
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