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  1. Also might be a stupid question but would it be showing low on oil pressure if it's leaking into the coolant on the headgasket? Logically you'd think it would
  2. Cheers lads! I'll check that video and I got an OEM Toyota one off ID-Workz
  3. Just to give you an update on what I've done. Bought the car as a rolling shell, bought an engine that had knocking on a big end. Stripped it down, re ground the crank and fitted main and big end bearings to match, had a new piston and rod too. Built everything up, put engine and dash looms in, everything is pretty much there now. But.... I've had the engine idling as normal sounds good, but my oil light keeps coming on and stays there even when warm. The oil is going somewhere, and just today ran it up with the rad cap off and there seems to be a bit of foam starting to form when at norm
  4. So my glanza starts up. I'm using an engine bay loom that uses the 3 pin connector on the coolant housing. I can get wiring diagrams up for engine and ECU, but I can't find where the wires should go into the cluster?? Anybody have any diagrams/pinouts for the instrument cluster?
  5. My fuel pump only primes after the engine cuts out. So ignition on, no prime where it should do and then if I crank it and fail to start when I stop cranking the fuel pump primes?? Have I got some wires the wrong way round?
  6. Do you still have the engine loom and dash loom to match?
  7. Hi, I don't suppose you still have the engine loom, and also a matching dash loom?
  8. So I've got two dash looms and want to make one good one, but I need some wiring diagrams. It's for a 97 Glanza dash loom does anybody have any?
  9. Hi guys does anyone know the difference between the 97 and 98 spec dash looms if any?
  10. Engine stand arrived ready to hold the engine I bought for £250.00! That is sump, block all internals and head, rocker cover. Only thing is bottom end has gone. So will strip it and Fixe what it needs
  11. Here are the finished sills, just need to line up and drill the holes for the side skirts and seal them.
  12. I didn't do the welding myself, there was a couple lads off the Facebook pages who sorted it for me, I'll try find their names and give them a shout on here. Top lads!
  13. Ah yes! You might be right there! I will check it to the alternator connector and see if it fits, very good shout that!
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