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  1. Engine stand arrived ready to hold the engine I bought for £250.00! That is sump, block all internals and head, rocker cover. Only thing is bottom end has gone. So will strip it and Fixe what it needs
  2. Here are the finished sills, just need to line up and drill the holes for the side skirts and seal them.
  3. I didn't do the welding myself, there was a couple lads off the Facebook pages who sorted it for me, I'll try find their names and give them a shout on here. Top lads!
  4. Ah yes! You might be right there! I will check it to the alternator connector and see if it fits, very good shout that!
  5. Hi guys, got a question some of you I'm sure will know the answer to. I have bought a Throttle position sensor and the plug on the loom doesn't fit. I'm guessing this is the correct plug but it's a different shape? My glanza is a 97, but I can't be sure this is the same loom from new, any info on it?
  6. Yeah was a big suprise, he hadn't told me about the sills at all no. Which was naughty. Anyway I will post more updates up tonight, as I got both sills replaced
  7. Now started my glanza build its under 🔥 Lockdown Glanza 97 build
  8. Managed to find some top lads who said they'd have a look at it see how much work it needed. So got it on a flat bed and took it to a barn in Derbyshire to check out the condition of the sills and the rest of the underside ...
  9. The day after it arrived when I could actually see in the light. I went straight to check the sills as I realised I could see a little rust under the skirt 👀
  10. The specs on it : Imported in 2010 manual 140km so only around 80k miles on the car Body work looked pretty good on the outside. Obviously I didnt see the car at all so I knew it was a bit of a gamble. Anyway I gambled and this is what I discovered when it arrived ... 1890725798_screen-20211030-1719223.mp4
  11. Hi all! I have done a build on here before on an Na to turbo build. Now sold and this is my next project. I'll have to backtrack a little as I'm already a way into the build, not had time to make a build thread until now. So I bought this as a rolling shell, no engine no gearbox no exhaust just the wheels suspension and brakes and bottom arms, all steering gear there but nothing in the terms of engine. As it was in lockdown still at the beginning of 2021 January I couldn't travel to view or buy a car. I saw this was for sale and thought I would take a punt on it! And get someone
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