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  1. So Good! keep the updates coming
  2. this is a great build. very similair look and design ive gone for to be honest. can you give any information on the rear camber modifications youve done and how you did it? can you notice a considerable improvement?
  3. no ones actually made one for the n/a from what i know
  4. lovely looking ep82. This has always been what drew me into starlets. the glow up gt panel and the mk1 front bumper! really nice example you've got bud.
  5. my bank account doesnt lol. I wish i understood it more to take on a more hands on approach but this is all a learning curve isnt it. Im hoping replacing the likely now 30 year old rx7 injectors with modern larger units will be a big improvement.
  6. So ive had a message to say the car has been back on the dyno since the block to chassis earthing issue was identified. They have apparently leaned the car out and have now made 270hp but they do not like the fueling at this level and want to richen it back up and change injectors. I have ordered 1050cc injector dynamics injectors which should be here in the next week or so so will have the car remapped with these and hope it performs better. Im hoping its the current injectors that could be limiting the power but we will wait and see what happens.
  7. I am really tempted by one. another £500 to spunk on the car though.. anyone else invested with any feedback?
  8. I have my custom starlet ep91 exhaust for sale. Only selling as I have upgraded to a 3" v band system. This has seen about 1500-2000 miles in its life so has been used very little the flexi is in perfect condition. and has been dry stored on the car in between. its in very good condition and sounded great. quite loud on a td05 setup but nice and raspy and gave some really good pops and bangs. very Nice subtle tip at the back. Front and rear section is heatwrapped. never finished actually wrapping the centre section but this will come as is. Also has a wideband boss welded in for use
  9. I had a new battery installed last year which should be capable from its size. when i gt the car back im going to look into earthing some additional parts to improve upon this. thanks for the tips. the car is going back on the dyno this week to see what impact the new thicker earthing has if any and then im purchasing some 1050cc injectors to see where we go from there. more money! We'll see what comes of it this week and ill report back.
  10. car was taken to get alignment done and there was a starting issue when left there. they got the vehicle back to the garage and investigated that there was an earthing issue. they have upgraded the chassis to engine earthing and it is firing up no issue now. they said they would have expected a misfire if this was causing a major issue when dynoing the car before but still, an issue has been found. we are going to run it on the dyno this week now there has been an issue identified and hopefully this could have been the problem we are looking for..
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