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  1. Ep82 rear seat belts – excellent condition Price - £30 plus delivery and Paypal Fees Wrongly purchased a few years ago. Not easily available now. Don’t want to throw away so if someone needs some for a stripped out ep82. [img]https://i.imgur.com/CxcHM97.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/JG104UF.jpg[/img] Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection from Biggin hill in Kent ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. not been on here for a while due to house sale and move but this is up for sale now i have time
  3. sorry for the late reply I assume you dont need this anymore?
  4. sorry for the late reply I assume you dont need this anymore?
  5. excuse my ignorance... but surely if you remove the idle control valve you will have idle issues no? I have idle issues with mine currently and trying to educate myself on what could be the issue. many things point towards a faulty icv, i have tried cleaning it out as it was coked up but still have a similar issue..
  6. what benefit would this have?
  7. great build. really good to see someone putting the time and effort to an N/a build and doing it properly by the looks of things and updating a build thread on a forum! will watch this closely for updates as its an interesting read for sure.
  8. how does the coolerworx shifter feel/work with the cables? looks like a neat upgrade to improve shifter feel. my gear selector has such a sloppy feel to it
  9. this is up for sale now and no longer gauging interest. buy yourself a lockdown project/upgrade/early xmas present
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