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  1. this is up for sale now and no longer gauging interest. buy yourself a lockdown project/upgrade/early xmas present
  2. @burtyive got a set of seatbelts from a breaker. pm me
  3. @Claymore thanks for your input its much appreciated. I was looking to ut 205's all round for extra trye to the ground. maybe ill consider using spacers on front as a trial further down the line then see if I get on with it. But yes it these will be for a spare set of track wheels i have and will be used for track days only. Anyone else have experience with 205/15's on glanza and either ad08r's or the nankang ar-1's/toyo r888s??
  4. I havent considered the toyos but will look into these. I know previously id read up on people using spacers on th front to have a wider track which was good for handling.. anyone shed any light on that? i think i want to go for 205's but would like some input on the difference really.. want to stop wheel spin and gain traction but is it worth the price difference and clearance issues.. also any one used nankang ar-1s's?
  5. I am going to buy a set of track tyres shortly and I'm deciding what to get. i was either looking at the advan ado8r's or Nankang Ar-1 can i have your opinion on both please? or any other suggestions? I am also debating between 205/50/15 and 195/50/15 I have a set of work RSB's they will be fitted too. unsure of offset but i think they are low 30's. Has anyone got experience of 205 tyres do they catch a lot? i know this is et dependant but is the extra cost worth it for extra grip? Or can anyone recommend a good track tyre setup? do people go wider tyres on front and thinner on rear? hopefully a discussion can be started and advice appreciated. thanks
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