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  1. You prob saw since you asked about it but I found the magazine lying about, it’s the August 2017 issue
  2. Think you have to be a paid member?
  3. What way is your fmic restrictive?
  4. Need a td04 kit to fit behind a full size alloy rad, must suit a bolt on tial. WEPR evolution or ramhorn preferably. Something like this:
  5. Car looking well mate! what manifold do you run? Might change mine to be able to run a full size alloy rad aswel
  6. In fairness someone coming to your door to pick up parts is going to win over pricing postage/packaging/arranging courier or going to post office etc.
  7. I've always been led to believe that 1 bar oil pressure per 1000rpm is safe mine used to sit around 1.5 bar when warm with 5w40 at idle
  8. adzy


    Thanks for feedback mate
  9. adzy

    Td04 oil feed wanted.

    One here, brand new, only test fitted, just under 40cm
  10. Yes that's the same fitment rad everyone basically uses, it will fit as long as you make or get brackets to fit it. not sure about the lower hose, might need modifying as starlet is on other side. I had mine re welded for perfect fit
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