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  1. Any pics or a thread on yours? The retro Toyota colours seem to be getting more popular now, got this pic with a similar styled gt for the rear camber I did it along the same lines as in this thread: Can confirm that a combination of the rear wing and camber has really gripped the rear end up, so much so I’m getting a bit more understeer now which I’ll hopefully be able to balance out with a few tweeks.
  2. Yeh have had it for years but have been terrible at updating it 🙈
  3. So good matty, I’ll have to call down soon for a nosey at it! I’m jealous of that big radiator set up!
  4. Bit of an overdue update, I can’t even remember what all I’ve changed or done since so I’ll just post the main things. (Not necessarily in order) changed to tf035 and mapped at 236bhp a set of toms c3 evolutions with mrf slicks brand new mild steel wepr kit after 1 trackday 😂 Now cerakote’d which seems to take the heat well rear axle modified for camber Chassis mounted front splitter byc rear wing new wheels to replace the toms few pics from a recent
  5. Video from last trackday, few more on my YouTube if interested
  6. Wow, near 5 years since I updated this, things have changed quite a bit! Most recent pics
  7. You prob saw since you asked about it but I found the magazine lying about, it’s the August 2017 issue
  8. Think you have to be a paid member?
  9. Need a td04 kit to fit behind a full size alloy rad, must suit a bolt on tial. WEPR evolution or ramhorn preferably. Something like this:
  10. Car looking well mate! what manifold do you run? Might change mine to be able to run a full size alloy rad aswel
  11. In fairness someone coming to your door to pick up parts is going to win over pricing postage/packaging/arranging courier or going to post office etc.
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