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  1. Glanzagee wow u seem to know your stuff. Hopefully u can shed some light on my confused situation. So im in Australia which has quite a few ep82 (c52 box to my knowledge). The ep91 Glanza (c56 box to my knowledge) has never been allowed to be imported to Australia and any glanzas here are replicas built with parts half cuts etc. I bought my glanza rep with pretty much everything done. Engine was from a glanza imported from japan and gearbox was a ep82 in Australia. So i believe i have a c52 box based on wat i have been told and the fact there are very very few c56 box in the country. Above u say c52 end cap is steel but my end cap is definitely aluminium. Any help on this would be much appreciated
  2. So i can actually count the diff bolts when shat is out cheers thats a big help. Does spline count on the shaft meaning anything?
  3. Thanks mate didnt know about the spline count. Im now 99% sure its a c52
  4. Ive been told i have c52 box from a gt in my glanza can anyone confirm this by these pics although the box has a 56 stamp on it? End casing is alloy. It has an open diff and im wanting to know which bolt pattern LSD i need. Also any knowledge on ratios and any gear changes i could make when rebuilding the box would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Stu
  5. 2zz coils is what i was looking for cheers guys
  6. Which coil on plug are direct fit?
  7. Cheers il have a look for those
  8. Got a set of oem glanza wheels. What is the best tyre for them 185 55 14. Options seem limited
  9. Cheers mate I had a feeling its wasn't an optional extra
  10. Anyone seen 1 of these before or know if it's a genuine optional extra?
  11. It's tiny... Not much bigger than my oil cooler lol
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