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  1. I wouldn't recommend for u to do it your self if u haven't any experience man, get someone who knows what there at, u could do more harm then good
  2. I Have ross pistons and scat rods in my forged 4e running 1.4 bar hybrid td04 nearly 2 years with no problem, dont use speed vision hg tho, and people have even commented on how quite of a forged engine mine is, it sounds as good as standard
  3. I've lapped in valves loads of times by hand its a cunt of a job but has to done, if u get good at it 5min to 10min per valve should do it, use the corse paste first then the fine stuff, u will see a good even shine all the way round the valve seat when done, its an idea to check them with petrol when fitted as wel,
  4. Use genuine kazz oil helps too man
  5. I was chatting to them on Facebook try that, im also waiting on water lines
  6. I noticed after hard drive my intercooler pipe attached to inlet manifold actually gets pretty hot defeating the purpose of the intercooler, I know the inlet will heat up after hard drive but has anyone done anything to try keep temperature down in this area, bottom rad pipe is close to pipe to that isn't good idea,
  7. Good lads to deal with I've bought lots off them
  8. Oh didn know it was emanage, wcp will map it, no point going hole way to uk jus to map an emu
  9. Richard Bradley up north, joe power in Dublin, wcp in kerry, martin tracey,kieth mc mullen in cork, all decent mappers as well, What ecu are you using, what power you hoping for
  10. I just loosened the clip and gave it few gentle tips of a mallet to move my hybrid ct9
  11. Mine never failed nct on it either its 95 in Ireland
  12. One from a printer dose the same job mate
  13. I'd say it's seriously hard on shafts banging down in to first or is the car holding up well
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