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  1. Think I'm gonna need some bigger ones as in gonna get the crank regrinded
  2. All they state they are std size
  3. I see this but a couple of my mates sed they have never heard of that make be for
  4. As above after Standerd size main and big end bearings
  5. matthewthomas


    Best place to buy Standerd bottom end bearings main and big end ?
  6. Is It possible to change the clutch with out taking the gearbox out and the shafts and having the gearbox to a side ?
  7. Don't feel like I'm down on any power tho
  8. Only running .65 of a bar so near to standard I'm gonna try a new rad cap see if that works
  9. Does any one know what could be causing this to happen?
  10. What better guys looking to get the most out of a ct9 as not looking to go td04 is of yet
  11. Looking at a td04 set up at the end of the month any one ?
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