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  1. He’s still got it, took us about a year but we finally finished changing the head recently aha
  2. Damn where’ve you found that many Glanzas aha. Not sure if i’ll awake in time to get there for then
  3. Am I alright getting a mate with an rx7 on our stand lads? Just booked my tickets
  4. Just want to bump this up. GTs been sitting for a while now I want to get it running again. Has anyone had their engine rebuilt recently? I'd like to hear from people, heard so many nightmare stories recently! Cheers dudes
  5. Sent you a pm dude I'm interested
  6. Looking for ideally a pair of cheap 14s for winters 4x100 4x114 14s or 16s Will buy a set also, anyone got anything?
  7. Yeah, when I've got good easy work in that is, once I've pressed start I get to sit down for 40 mins while my machine drills lol, it's at work I've watched so many 911 videos. i watched that Unacknowledged yesterday, while it was a good watch, him just holding bits of old looking writing on paper isn't proof, not saying I don't believe it but there's nothing concrete But he makes a good point on how all the higher ups don't even know what's going on. And how much American taxes are being spent on stuff no one knows about
  8. Oh god yeah I know dude, never believe fuck all that's said by mainstream media
  9. Didn't realise there was many people on here that don't believe what the government and media say, I spend a lot of time at work watching YouTube conspiracies and stuff. Usually a little dubious about ufo documentaries because there's very little actual proof. That being said, with how massive the universe is, it's virtually impossible to say there isn't other intelligent life! Be giving that Unacknowledged a go when the bosses have gone away and I can watch my phone aha
  10. Probably a waste of time and effort for me then, I don't need the car to work tbh, better off doing it right the first time aha
  11. Do they run alright with standard gt management? I've just been running an external wastegate at .8bar
  12. It smokes after overrun as soon as you touch the throttle, and there's swarf on the magnetic sump plug, so it's either valve stems or rings, but with the swarf it might aswell all come apart and get refreshed. I'm currently buying a house so every little saving helps tbh How good are the cheap rods and Pistons though? I just wana be able to drive it, I miss using it daily these days, wish I'd of left it alone now aha
  13. Id love to do it myself but I don't really have anywhere to do it, or the time in all honesty. Was emailing TD, but since I said I'll take it out of the car and I won't need a map I have t got a reply
  14. So despite needing a rebuild, I bought wheels for this Finally found some in 15s for the starlet, they're in awful condition but they'll get refurbed before I actually run them And I'll be that sad arse who has matching wheels Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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