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  1. Awesome weekend! Hou slut dropping me was the highlight...
  2. won't be on the ukso stand but ill be over giving many drunk hugs (y)
  3. didn't get to see all of you but the people i did it was a pleasure as always! some tasty photos and a lot of the starlets looking great! ( i miss mine SO much ) bring on JAE!
  4. Cheers chaps! Got some new wings Gen1 Rocket bunny wings! ( i think you can see where I'm going with the car now )
  5. So its been a while since i last updated, I've done quiet bit but been that busy not managed to get anything posted up! Lowered it, new front bumper, new grill, new clear indicators and some other maintenance jobs that needed doing
  6. if you click on the link here it will take you to the last photoshoot i did with my Glanza Link : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.556868937758821.1073742148.245089598936758&type=3
  7. UPDATE! Done a few little jobs on the car over the past few weeks like rear wheel bearings and just generally tidying up bits, i have also had some new wheels! Some people on here may be upset by my choice in wheels but i am not able to afford "genuine wheels" and as its my daily i am less bothered about marking these, I went for Dare RS 17x10 et15 with 225/45 front and 235/45 rears! i had to put 5mm spacers up front and grind down the calliper for clearance but apart from that the fitment is spot on! i need to add a10mm spacer to the back but apart from that im happy! and the calliper
  8. They are Wedsports buddy! puny spec though. 17x7 et 35 fronts and 17x8 et35 rears. i have 25mm spacers up front and 35mm spacers up back. i want to do away with the spacers and get some mega dish on the go!
  9. How she is currently sitting! i plastic welded the headlight as the bracket has sheered off So i also got a duck on the go! got no money at the moment so things have gone slow but ill have some things to show off soon enough!
  10. I've not updated in ages. lots has happened since the last update! maybe i will soon.
  11. well the surgery is the sill being cut out and replaced and some touch ups that need doing. the body choice will be revealed as soon as I've bought it taking my time with this one lol Cheers buddy! hopefully be ready for this years shows!
  12. got lots of plans for the bodywork! will be in the body shop over the next month or so getting some surgery and hopefully a new kit soon after!
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