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  1. Evening, ‘could someone please tell me the pitch/thread size of the oil filler cap please? many thanks.
  2. Could you send me that email as well please? Also have a kit that needs fitting. Thank you.
  3. One final question, is the ‘light’ version suitable for a car running under 300bhp or should I go for the bigger option?
  4. Am looking to purchase an Orc clutch which I believe comes with a flywheel. am I best using the one with it or purchasing a separate lightened flywheel? cheers.
  5. I’ve purchased a set of the Fiske livesport wings which are 20mm wider than standard [lovely items by the way]. I’m now on the lookout for a new set of wheels [15"] which will need a lower offset to the fill the front. I believe an et25 will fill the fronts but would stick out at the rear, meaning the rear arches will need rolling. With this, how much would the rear need bringing out please? And should I still with 7" width or go to 8"? Many thanks.
  6. Cancel my last question, found them via Google
  7. Thanks for the reply. what connections did you use to the block?
  8. Is there a better, neater and more aesthetically pleasing way of connecting these lines to the block instead of jubilee clips please?
  9. Anyone close to Birmingham who can do the above with their eyes closed and could help do this for me please? For payment, obviously. Just want my car done and on the road ASAP, I haven’t got the time or knowledge to do it. many thanks.
  10. As title please. Must be in great condition. Many thanks.
  11. garbs

    FAO: Keri

    Yes you can as I was only speaking to Kerri a week or so ago. Drop him an email or phone him. He couldn’t have been any friendlier or helpful.
  12. Nice! Have they been re sprayed or had a special plastic back to black treatment?
  13. After a carbon TRD centre console surround (in very very condition if possible) snap off steering wheel and boss. Decent stuff please, nothing cheap or nasty.
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