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  1. Nice to hear its nothing major! Always a bit of a worry when something like that happens lol
  2. These things take time, no point in rushing it. Will be worth it though!
  3. Nice work on the upgrade, looks a good workshop 👍
  4. That is some build, can't wait to see it out on track! Good to see people pushing the boundaries of these things still.
  5. Was showing a fella at work this earlier, think he was surprised by how much power its currently making so will be good to see what it can do after your handy work!
  6. The oem lsd gearboxes were a c15* and so were n/a gearboxes.
  7. Thats an n/a or possibly a very early GT box then. A gt or glanza box with the ali end cover is what you're after.
  8. Awesome swap, looks nice and tidy too does it sit low or is it not too bad? Any idea what the short master cylinder is from? I could do with something like that on mine to clear the airbox. Not that you need it with a standalone with safetys built in but you should be able to get the temp gauge working with a 4efe temp sensor plumbed in somewhere. Cracking motor mate look forward to seeing more from it!
  9. Cant help on measurements im afraid but can give you a heads up. If the seats feel like they are really high i would opt for some low rails, i had OEM rails on my seats and felt like driving a bus. I was then informed of a guy in Ireland called William Tuite, can find him on Facebook, who makes low rails for 6 bolt recaros (most oem fit recaros). They're about £230 delivered a pair to England and sit a couple of inches lower and give a much better seating position, they slide as well. They might be a over what your were going to spend but imo they are worth it.
  10. I would go for alk and coilovers first. If you dont go silly with ride height you can get the geo setup done and play around with wheels later and it wont effect it. It might be worth throwing new ball joints, track rods and wishbone bushes on there at the same time if you dont know when they were last done as you will need the geo doing again any time these are replaced.
  11. its there, on the flat between the hinges. Below the check strap, you'll need to get your fingers in there to feel for it.
  12. They look like them, there might be a control box and a relay need too, that go under the dash but im not sure where, someone breaking a car might be able to advise. as for the hole is there not a rubber bung behind the door shuts?
  13. Im a 30yo in a jap ricebox i dont need to advertise that fact by shouting from the rooftops haha. I prefer to be Subtle and blend in, then catch people off guard
  14. Its an extra silencer to shut the bloody droning up
  15. Got a new o2 sensor to see if it fixes the over fuelling issue, can fit my cat then and we're all legal Couple of other bits enroute from japan, new manifold gasket, and iacv to inlet pipe, hoping it brings my cold idle down. Going to whip the idle valve off and clean it whilst im at it as the revs hold occasionally.
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