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  1. Its moving along well now then dude. tbh i think your looks better without the fenders on. They were cool when rare back in the day, now theres copies everywhere. yours looks so clean with out them 😍
  2. Just seen the vid, god damn i love your gt!! Proper clean build, hats off to you sir and fair play to Mark, clearly proud of the car too.
  3. Fairplay! Awesome looking build mate. No crank work though? Is a stock crank ok for big revs?
  4. Ah mate, thats epic! I actually love your GT. Looking forward to the video, make sure to give us a heads up so we don't miss it.
  5. Just read from the start! Great build. Awesome result on the rollers for a first tune too
  6. Ah man, I've always wanted a chaser! Can never make my mind up between the 90 or the 100 though haha
  7. I don't think this is gonna work out reading back through the thread, I recommend just taking the engine and turbo kit out and gifting it to me for my ep70 😂 Seriously though, is a wicked build!
  8. Nice! I had a mate who was an s13 nutter, although he always wanted an s14a
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