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  1. Just seen the vid, god damn i love your gt!! Proper clean build, hats off to you sir and fair play to Mark, clearly proud of the car too.
  2. This looks soo good! 🤤
  3. Fairplay! Awesome looking build mate. No crank work though? Is a stock crank ok for big revs?
  4. Ah mate, thats epic! I actually love your GT. Looking forward to the video, make sure to give us a heads up so we don't miss it.
  5. Just read from the start! Great build. Awesome result on the rollers for a first tune too
  6. Ah man, I've always wanted a chaser! Can never make my mind up between the 90 or the 100 though haha
  7. I don't think this is gonna work out reading back through the thread, I recommend just taking the engine and turbo kit out and gifting it to me for my ep70 😂 Seriously though, is a wicked build!
  8. Nice! I had a mate who was an s13 nutter, although he always wanted an s14a
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