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  1. Just read from the start! Great build. Awesome result on the rollers for a first tune too
  2. Ah man, I've always wanted a chaser! Can never make my mind up between the 90 or the 100 though haha
  3. I don't think this is gonna work out reading back through the thread, I recommend just taking the engine and turbo kit out and gifting it to me for my ep70 😂 Seriously though, is a wicked build!
  4. Nice! I had a mate who was an s13 nutter, although he always wanted an s14a
  5. Just needs a serious reboot. Needs some mods and admin back online and a big push on fb and insta to push people back to the forum!
  6. Totally agree, fb is crap for car based club communities. forums are a much better platform, I think the issue is social media is the norm so people just gravitate to it.
  7. I've been in there years too 🫢 just always been a lurker. Was just a bit more active at events etc with ukso stick at it man, hopefully this place will slowly busy up with enough effort!
  8. Yea man, started lurking again. May be back in a starlet shortly too all being well. Ah I'm sure you will be in love again when the engine is ready and back in. Nothing happens fast when you have a family to prioritise. I know that feeling mate.
  9. NICK! haha nice to see you still have the V man. Have you looked at spacing the front wheels out? I used to run 20mm hub centric spacers with my cruise wings on the old black V. Handled nice with the slightly wider front track.
  10. Shame really. I did see a lot of traders are not here anymore. Guess its back to the pre internet days of building it in the garage and talking to your self haha
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