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  1. Can confirm, gearbox was from a 4efe corolla e11, cast manifold was allegedly from a 4efe corolla e10. Cam was from a ded fte (rip). This cars a real screamer, sat next to my actual rolla g6r all day long. I wanna get some itbs on it , turbo valvesprings and maybe a massive head skim and see what these funny little undersquare 1.3s can really do.
  2. 😂 Just realised who I'm responding to lol
  3. hey bud, is the grinding sound really pretty loud? my old starlet manual conversion project made a wild grinding sound when i gave it some after I put the manual box in, turned out I'd missed one of those rubber spacer things on one side of the engine mount and i was getting occasional metal to metal contact, makes a horrible sound lol.
  4. Yeah bud ill probs not bother with those disks lol but the rest will do nicely drop me a pm! Any chance of getting a set of locks?
  5. I need a full lock set for mine actually, and front brakes any condition really. Drop me a pm plz, Cheers! Would kill for a set of fogs for that bumper but as tgeyre not offered im assuming u dont have em either.
  6. Damn that turbo kit looks familiar,
  7. Saw a tidy black glanza over portsmouth mcdonalds ocean park, was in my corolla and the matey just gave my arm flapping a thumbs up lol. U on here?
  8. Well it still doesnt work lol, my words werent unkind especially to any one individual. Dont know why my ebay thread was taken down its not doing any harm to the site.
  9. So the mods are too busy to gimme a hand fixing the broken membership system, but not too busy to take my link to my starlets sale on ebay down, nice. Ive been a member on here for 6 years having bought allsorts of merch in support of the club and have a tidy example of a starlet I'd love to sell to a fellow enthusiast on here but its fine, treat me like im some sort of cunt its cool.
  10. You are a gentleman, and a scholar. Cheers bud
  11. Yeah ive sold stacks on here over the years, i used to be a paid up member but i cant buy more for some reason lol. Plz help mods!
  12. my twincharged 5eftze build will yet happen, got almost all the parts but need a lot more time and a 5e forging kit and i can continue. Shelved atm:/
  13. Got a lovely starlet to sell on here but i cant make topics on the for sale section any more, how tf does this site work these days!
  14. Still got that lower oem intake pipe? Mines delaminated at the oem bov lol
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