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  1. Hopefully around 260-280bhp on the standard TD04 and I'll see how that goes. I'll more than likely get bored of the power and chase the 300+bhp, thats the plan.
  2. This is pretty much what it looks like now. It's come off the road now ready for me to install a forged engine I picked up with another ECU.
  3. The thought of having more power was getting to me too, I contacted WEPR and ordered myself a TD04 Manifold and downpipe. It took me a while to gather all the parts together but all in all a pretty easy swap.
  4. Haven't posted on here in a long time. I've been far too occupied enjoying the car in the summer weather. I changed a fair few things on this car since the last update. I needed to change things that where annoying me so in went a set of BC coilovers and a pair of seats I picked up locally.
  5. Haven't been very active on here as car has been at the body shop. Whole jam kit is painted now and looks excellent. Its finally starting to get somewhere now.
  6. Got them from FiskeAutomotive mate
  7. So the JAM skirts and spoiler arrived yesterday so I spent the day mocking everything up and seeing if it all fits. Skirts required a littte filing down by the rear quarter but it was expected with FRP products. I am over the moon with how it looks and it's not even painted. I think I'm going to get a mid spoiler and that should finish of the exterior nicely.
  8. Quarantine has given me lots of free time so time to sort out the things that where bothering me. Engine bay has been properly tidied and I'm quite happy with how its turned out. Alsopurchased a JAM replica front lip and I'm currently waiting on JAM skirts and wing to arrive. This was the engine bay before I also took the time to dye the carpet black but only have this picture with my Daughter (Who can't stop climbing in and out of the car) I think I've got her appproval 😂
  9. Thought I'd post a little update on the starlet. I fitted some 98' spec rear lights as they look 10x better in my opinion. I've also got an OEM rear lip I'm rubbing down ready for paint. With this country in lockdown I can finally get some bits done. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, Thought I'd take the Glanza out after what felt like 2 months of stormy weather.
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