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  1. Just to close this out, the issue was the igniter, all sorted and back up and running again!
  2. Great stuff I'll get reading and she what shows up tomorrow! Thanks for that.
  3. I'll do a check to see if they are sparking tomorrow 👍 EML is on but I haven't ever done a check on the fault codes so I need to read up on how to do this. Cheers for the reply.
  4. Gents, hoping someone on here can help. I have a 99 Starlet Glanva V that is turning over but will not start. It's been out of action for a few weeks as I was doing some bits and bob's to it during the isolation. Since its ran last I've done the following in or around the engine bay: - New rocker cover gasket - New engine hardware - New braided fuel hose - New fuel filter - New silicone hoses - New PCV valve and grommet - New thermostat - New engine and gearbox mounts Halfway through changing the hardware which was the last thing I did, I started the car up and it r
  5. Will definitely look into the 82 seats as an option. Thinking of visiting gsm performance at some stage for a look to and get a feel for what I want. Quick update, day 2 of ownership - just as amazing as day 1! Always thought these cars were so cool since my neighbour had one when I was younger but I had never been actually in one so didn't realise how good they were! Loving every minute of driving and getting used to the car. Did some very small bits today, first off, got the rear tyres replaced by Torque with uniroyal rainsport 3s so rotated these to the front and put the to
  6. Loads of plans, I think getting some bucket seats (sit so high in the standard ones) and suspension will be the goals by christmas! For now I want to just drive it and enjoy it and work out any of the weak points. Brakes need to be bled for sure and then I want to do leads and spark plugs just for the sake of doing them and peace of mind. Also no, I can't hear the motors going trying to unfold them, just retracting them. It did it once earlier in the day but nothing since so I'm unsure what's going on.
  7. Thanks Nick! Hmm yeah they aren't going back out with the button so not sure what's going on!
  8. Just picked up my Glanza from Torque GT this morning and to say I'm in love is an understatement. Seeing the car in the flesh after months of waiting for it to come in was one thing, but then driving it and getting my eyes opened to just how good these little pocket rockets are was amazing. Darren in Torque GT was amazing and sourced me a gorgeous Glanza and done a few bits for me before I collected it like installing an alarm, full uderseal etc. Highly recommend these guys if anyone is looking to bring one in. Not the cheapest way of getting your hands on one I'm sure but you get a top
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