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  1. If it’s blue it’s definitely burning oil from somewhere. I’d your sat at traffic lights does it smoke when you pull away?
  2. But t more progress on this. It’s all back in one piece nearly. First job was to get the suspension back on. Which all went back on pretty easy and an hour or so of adjustment and the ride heigh my was set. Just need to see how far the tracking is out when it back on the road. Next job was to get it running. Had a few issues and niggles getting it started. Sticky starter motors full of gunk and w dead battery. But eventually I got it started. The main problem being i suspected it is it’s massively over fuelling. so I cracked on with swapping the standard lambda out and getting the plx wideband fitted. I mounted the controller unit in the glove box with the emb. First impressions is this is a great piece of kit, having the narrow band output facility allowed me to use this instead of the factory sensor but still replace the signal to the ecu and be able to see wideband afr’s. This confirmed its massively overfueling so it looks like it’s time for a remap. Or im not sure yet. Once this was done i got most of the dash back together and it’s starting to look like a nice place to sit again.
  3. Looking at this for a club stand for one of the former organisers of JAE. Yakushi is a show born from one man’s passion for Japanese cars and the community that it brings. Nigel has been running events since 2009 and during that time gained a wealth of knowledge for what clubs want. Yakushi aims to do just that, give the Japanese Enthusiast community a show for them; to bring people together and enjoy company with like minded people. Unlike most shows, Yakushi is a 3 day festival event which is entirely about the Japanese car scene in the UK. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden agenda. The Yakushi show just aims to give you a platform on which you can build friendships and enjoy the marvels of Japanese engineering over 3 days. for More info hit the website https://yakushi-show.co.uk/ Or FB https://www.facebook.com/yakushishow if There is enough interest ill look at booking a stand. Rob
  4. Didn’t the jeans have a denim interior? Cool car though looking forward to seeing what happens to it.
  5. Definitely looking better now. Hopefully grt them back on this week. Here is a few more pics while I’m at it. Injectors have been whipped out cleaned and tested, working nearly as good as new. Only 1% between all 4 surprising after 20 years. So they’ve been refitted with a freshly painted fuel rain and new fuel return. Exhaust has had been bolted back together for now. Had a few issues with the work being done to that so it’s going elsewhere once it back running. Fresh lick of paint on the intercooler as it was looking a bit tired and the rocker cover while I was at it. And a quick test fit of the spoiler. Turbo kit kit is rebuilt (except for coolant lines) and is back on along with intercooler. Just waiting on coolant lines before I drop the rad back in. Mew fuel filter and the plx wideband has arrived.
  6. A quick fore updates to prove it still lives on. Coilover refresh and rebuild. These had been on 8 years and the rusty rear arches had corroded the top mounts. But on the down side the standard shielded bearings hadn’t fared to well so these have been replaced with sealed units. The springs have had a lick of paint and 2 new replacement locking collars were orders the anodised ones to replace the front steel locking collars as these were the only ones I had issues removing. A quick lick of paint on the rear top mounts made the best of a bad situation.
  7. Few more jobs done. Seats stripped to be cleaned and repaired. Just in the process of rebuilding me now. Ove been having a few issues though as my fabricator has gone awol with my exhaust and downpipe which is causing a few issues.
  8. Great work dude glad to se you’ve saved it.
  9. I’ll click that another day then glad you warned me
  10. Right picked the mani back up from racetech last week, picking the exhaust up from schuband auto works tomorrow so I can rebuilding it soon. My little helper has given the carpet a good clean To with a 50/50 mix of AB magifoam and FAB then jet washes and hoovered. And old glue removed from the wind deflectors new glue tape applied ready for going back on.
  11. Come on guys first big show of the season , absolutely gutted I’ll not be there. Why did they pick a bank holiday
  12. Yea morgey if he has any left I bought a full set off him recently.
  13. Yea the droplinks definitely wants tightening up. I’d also check that lower alk bush as there shouldn’t be that much of a gap. The spacer sits under the arb to chassis mount to drop it down the same amount as the alk plate.
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