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  1. This looks mega last year think this might replace jae for me.
  2. I might get on this seen as it’s not bank holiday this year I might actually make it.
  3. Good luck finding one that’s not either a million pounds or that’s been around the universe a million times.
  4. Looks like a good investment Jake. Better space means better work.
  5. No forums are active any more it’s all about fb the other social media platforms 🤦‍♂️
  6. I’m hoping to be there only downside is not till Friday night. (Kids at school)
  7. Me to just need to get the sr t,t &mot’d
  8. Don’t worry Dave apparently mine only had 82bhp 😂
  9. Not done much else lately, it’s been along year but today I actually did something productive and gave it a bath. 😂
  10. Looks great Phil, where did you get the fogs? Might follow suit!
  11. We ought to get something stickied on this as it’s a common topic. I bought mine as a kit and I’ll be getting ready for some new discs soon so this would be good info.
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