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  1. Good luck finding one that’s not either a million pounds or that’s been around the universe a million times.
  2. Looks like a good investment Jake. Better space means better work.
  3. No forums are active any more it’s all about fb the other social media platforms 🤦‍♂️
  4. I’m hoping to be there only downside is not till Friday night. (Kids at school)
  5. Me to just need to get the sr t,t &mot’d
  6. Don’t worry Dave apparently mine only had 82bhp 😂
  7. Not done much else lately, it’s been along year but today I actually did something productive and gave it a bath. 😂
  8. Looks great Phil, where did you get the fogs? Might follow suit!
  9. We ought to get something stickied on this as it’s a common topic. I bought mine as a kit and I’ll be getting ready for some new discs soon so this would be good info.
  10. Been tempted to break it on several occasions but it’ll never happen. 😂 ive been a bit busy recently so I haven’t touched it much. Next job, engine temp gauge and spoiler.
  11. If it’s blue it’s definitely burning oil from somewhere. I’d your sat at traffic lights does it smoke when you pull away?
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