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  1. Insured. Only temporarily to get her moved home, but, she will see tarmac this week, and be fully legal whilst doing so. Phil.
  2. Thanks bud! Been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time coming! Phil.
  3. Update Most significant update since 2011: Mot - passed. She'll be delivered home in the coming week(s), and will go back into hibernation to await the spring and end of the salt on the roads. There are a few jobs still needing done, but none that stop her from being tax'd and insured after winter. Finally she will see the road again! Phil.
  4. MOT tomorrow. I shit you not. 8 years after coming off the road due to an oil leak, two/three oil leaks have FINALLY been diagnosed. These shouldnt pose a problem for MOT and will be fixed probably next year. Current work being carried out by the mechanic is as follows: · Oil and oil filter change · Fit lower arms with new bushes, ball joints and track rod ends (new drop links I bought were the wrong ones so they wont go on) · Fit anti-lift kit whilst fitting new lower arms · Fix CV boot weep on divers side (new boots purchased but not needed) · Fit new rear discs and pads and wheel bearings · Fit new water temp sensors · Weld in the spare wheel mount · Weld repair on bumper support bar · Headlight alignment · Straighten steering wheel · Assess front brakes (discs, pads, calipers) – are they ok? Answer: Discs have some life left but probably need replaced next year · Assess rear calipers – are they ok or seized? - GOOD NEWS! They are NOT seized! · Find the source of the oil leak and repair? Answer: crank shaft oil seal and driveshaft oil seal both leaking. · Change crank pulley back from blue one to OEM · Fuel tank need a coating of waxoil or similar and surface rust scraped off? · General MOT preparation (handbrake, etc) and check over (anything sinister lurking that I haven’t spotted?) Rear hard pipes need cleaned up. · Fab and fit brackets to support FMIC better Well - that only took 8 years. Will she pass MOT? We'll find out tomorrow! Phil.
  5. Damn those are nice! Looking forward to seeing them fitted. Phil.
  6. Yeah I found the bends quite awkward to keep tidy, and I'm a fussy bollox so it upset my happiness quite a bit. Looks like you've done a pretty tidy job bud! Phil.
  7. This looks great! Nice work bud! Really liking the wheel choice! They work really well with the overall look! Phil.
  8. I've not seen any activity on this type of shifter bud, however if anyone was up to the task of actually following through to production, my money would be on The Brothers Fish. Phil.
  9. What's your reasoning behind swapping 4efe bud? Is the current one a little worse for wear? If its in an attempt to gain a few ponies, the engines themselves I don't believe are any different power wise, but you can swap the tubular inlet manifold over from the rolla engine to the EP, that's a fairly popular mod that usually sees a little improvement. Phil.
  10. What a great build! Nice to see such attention being lavished on an NA bud! Dont know how I missed this thread before now! Looking forward to more updates! Phil.
  11. Glad to see you still working away at this bud, looks great and that tank guard is a nice find! Phil.
  12. Nice progress bud, interior is looking well! Phil.
  13. Some asshole booked an MOT. Beware those low flying pigs. Phil.
  14. Not sure how I missed this! Loving the colour combo of the bay and body, looks class! Great attention to detail on this one! Keep up the great work bud! Phil.
  15. Hmmmmmmm....a year on and still nothing. Thats not at all depressing. Discussions to have it lifted have progressed and an actual date agreed. Parts are assembled. Maybe an actual thing will happen. Phil.
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