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  1. ^^^^^what he said! Great t see you tinkering at this again buddy! Phil.
  2. uuhhh, just lush. Bopping around in a freaking Glanza in Japan. Absolutely lush. Nice photos as always bud Hakone looks nice! Phil.
  3. ^^^^correct, they are for tidying up the seatbelts when not in use. Phil.
  4. Certainly not home made, that is in fact a very rare factory optional extra! Nice! Phil.
  5. I spotted this on Speedhunters yesterday and messaged Joel to see if it was you lol! If you're very eagle eyed in the early pics on that story, you'll see the drivers side and rear end actually pop up in 2 other pictures - the early pictures with the R34 Skylines! It looked like a hell of a meet!!!!!!! Phil.
  6. I'll hit the admin folk who can fix this a nudge now. Phil.
  7. Starlets, I see them: http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/11/tawau-raretro-day-exercise-party/ Phil.
  8. How did I miss this thread! That looks class bud, and that rear window louver is fantastic! Enjoying the updates, wheels look great! Phil.
  9. Haven driven mine as an N/A for about 5 or 6 years before turboing it, I can tell you there aren't a whole pile of options for making a lot more grunt out of the N/A engine unless you want to spend a lot of money. Some of the more common upgrades include a tubular intake manifold from a bug-eyed Corolla, these come up for sale pretty often and do make a nice improvement. You could couple that with the likes of a K&N panel filter or a full upgraded filter system of some sort (BMC etc). There are a few exhaust manifold options available aftermarket also. But where you will likely see the most difference is in weight reduction. You're unlikely to get huge HP numbers from the N/A block, plenty have tried over the years but even getting to the magical 100HP mark has proven difficult and costly for some, but if you couple some small HP gains with a weight reduction you might get more smiles for your efforts. Phil.
  10. Class! This one was on here under a previous owner. I am of course a bit biased but it is very hard to beat an EP91 in factory 8L5! Glanza bumper and front lip look real well! Phil.
  11. ^^^^what he said!!!!! Looking forward to more updates! Phil.
  12. Nice update bud, really liking the CF against the yellow! Looks class! Looking forward to more updates! Phil.
  13. Welcome along Matt, get some pics of the motor up in the Project section! Good to see another Irish EP fan on the site, plenty of us here both north and south! Phil.
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