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  1. I think the correct term is "period correct" 😂 car is now taxed, so thats all items covered - after 8.5 years its back on the road - and we're in lockdown so its done a whole 13 miles lol. A good 13 miles though, no strange noises, everything behaving as it should other than a sticky throttle and that plastic boot liner rattling like feck lol. Few wiring issues to address, but its up and running at last. Phil.
  2. Thanks Sam. Yip, factory 8L5 "Blue Mica Metallic". Phil.
  3. welcome to UKSO bud! Nice colour, looks well!!! Phil.
  4. Update First came MOT, and then came insurance. Insured as of yesterday, so just got the tax to sort now. It's almost time for a spin - providing I can come up with a suitable "essential travel" justification. What bad timing to finally go back on the road! Few pics to celebrate: First coating of Chemical Guys Hydro Charge coating: Few bits of wiring to amend in here but mostly buttoned up: And thanks to Starbuck for the super new addition: Lets get the tax done and get this yoke on the road! Phil.
  5. Only just spotting this now like a tit - apologies. Liking this alot! My brother had a V50 a few years back, and he and I both now have V60s. He has converted me to the Swedespeed way of life! His is the big 5 cylinder D5, mine is a 2016 D4 R Design and I have to say, I'm bsolutely obsessedwith it! Fantastic cars, I can see me sticking with Volvos for a while! ANd of course, plenty of optional hunting being done here too lol! Keep up the great work on this one bud and keep us posted! Phil.
  6. Think mine made 163bhp with that kind of setup. Phil.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure I ran mine on the stock ECU for a while before upgrading to a Blitz ECU. Not aware of hitting any fuel cut issues from memory, but then we've always ran her on the slightly conservative side in terms of boost etc. Phil.
  8. ^^^^agreed, i have the stock EFI hard pipe on my K1. Phil.
  9. Absolutely no idea lol. Genuinely wouldn't even know where to start, maybe somewhere about half way through?? The FMIC set up is pretty basic - its just a WEPR FMIC specifically for Starlets. There was no modification from the basic setup from what I recall. The hot side originally was a bit of a mishmash of bits of pipe but we got that resolved after a year or two. The WEPR kit is fairly small so there wasnt even a great deal of bumper trimming needed - we used a Blitz core to confirm spacing and do what trimming was needed as it was MUCH larger than the WEPR core, so we knew it wou
  10. Thanks bud! Its been a loooong labour of love (and hatred) and patience (and alot of impatience). Looking forward to actually driving it after the winter is passed! Phil.
  11. Ebay bud, they arent expensive. Would love to locate an OEM set but we all know how few and far between they are. The ones I have in are wired to an extra rear window heater switch in the center console. Phil.
  12. Glad to see her getting some TLC bud, even if its just in the form of a bath!!!!!!! Phil.
  13. Nice update bud! Liam is a great lad, glad to hear he has you up and running again! Phil.
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