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  1. Think mine made 163bhp with that kind of setup. Phil.
  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure I ran mine on the stock ECU for a while before upgrading to a Blitz ECU. Not aware of hitting any fuel cut issues from memory, but then we've always ran her on the slightly conservative side in terms of boost etc. Phil.
  3. ^^^^agreed, i have the stock EFI hard pipe on my K1. Phil.
  4. Absolutely no idea lol. Genuinely wouldn't even know where to start, maybe somewhere about half way through?? The FMIC set up is pretty basic - its just a WEPR FMIC specifically for Starlets. There was no modification from the basic setup from what I recall. The hot side originally was a bit of a mishmash of bits of pipe but we got that resolved after a year or two. The WEPR kit is fairly small so there wasnt even a great deal of bumper trimming needed - we used a Blitz core to confirm spacing and do what trimming was needed as it was MUCH larger than the WEPR core, so we knew it would fit. Phil.
  5. Thanks bud! Its been a loooong labour of love (and hatred) and patience (and alot of impatience). Looking forward to actually driving it after the winter is passed! Phil.
  6. Ebay bud, they arent expensive. Would love to locate an OEM set but we all know how few and far between they are. The ones I have in are wired to an extra rear window heater switch in the center console. Phil.
  7. Glad to see her getting some TLC bud, even if its just in the form of a bath!!!!!!! Phil.
  8. Nice update bud! Liam is a great lad, glad to hear he has you up and running again! Phil.
  9. It rubbed on the lower plastic cover from day 1; now I have an OEM one fitted again, and zero rubbing. Maybe a combination of warped plastic and being a cheap P.o.S. Phil.
  10. And finally for this update, the OEM parking pole has been installed (still to be wired in) and whilst the front bumper was off I replaced the Ring front fog lights as the old ones were a touch crusty. Bumper off: Pole mounted: Fog lights replaced: And the front end reconstructed: And the final full effect - not to everyones tastes, but we all know how deep the OEM optional extra obsession runs - it is straight, just this pic makes it look wonky: That's it for now. There is some wiring to tackle (pole, water temp, tacho) and she needs to go back to the mechanic next year to have the oil leaks addressed - believe it or not, after all these years of being off the road due to the leaks they have finally been diagnosed as drive shaft oil seal, crank shaft oil seal and possibly still some sump weep, so fresh seals will be ordered and then it will go in to have the gearbox removed and leaks fixed. She'll also get some brackets for the FMIC fabricated at the same time to do away with the cable ties. She will also be heading up the road to Ballymena in the new year for spacers for the Volks and then a full geometry setup as its all over the shop from having had the lower arms done. There is also the question of the paintwork to address...............I'll say no more. There is more to do, but it'll keep for another update. Phil.
  11. Got the JDM shopping popped back in: And some gratuitous shots of some of the bits about the car: TRD switches: Mokuzai VIP hangars: JDM tourist maps and leaflets from my visit in 2017 - ye know, in case I take a wrong turn in downtown Shibuya: Honda S2000 start button, non-smoking ash tray and Glanza cupholders: Rescueman: Clean box: JDM Flare: Recaros and harnesses: U.R. Room Bar and Jayz Garage B-pillar bars: Noise cannon: Phil.
  12. During the MOT prep I had a few other bits and bobs sorted that had been sitting on the to-do list for many, many years. I think I had the ALK for over 10 years if not longer, maybe 12, before it finally got fitted: Powder coated arms with new track rod ends, ball joints, bushes etc etc: And let this be a lesson in not buying cheap shit from group buys over the years (seller shall remain nameless although we all know who it was): It is NOT meant to look like this on the other side!!!!!!!!!!!! Phil.
  13. Then it was time to go back on the Volks, and after a loooooong hiatus, the Rays wheels nuts: Phil.
  14. Next up, the Glanza foot rest was refusing to stay on the metal lug, so a touch of improvisation was required, shouldn't move now: Phil.
  15. Then, after over 8 years, MOT was passed. Long road to get there, and not cheap, but hopefully all be worth it when I can dig her out in 2020! Drove her down home, parked her beside the new daily for a few minutes before getting to work! First up, reinstalling a spare wheel after having the mount refitted; this then allowed the boot liner to go back in: Then, biggest upgrade ever, Jay managed to source me the hook for the mat set which is fantastic as it stops the mat sliding up under the pedals! Its the simple things in life: Phil.
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