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  1. Oil cooler for gearbox? Or engine oil?
  2. I was wondering what are these two nipples used for.....my glanza didn't come with something like that Thanks
  3. The number is 07099851857..... Please someone contact the breaker for me and ask a contact email....then drop me a message Thanks
  4. As the title ep91 4efte auto pnp ecu (jam blitz) And a ct9 blitz k1 20v or a tongs one
  5. Looking for ep91 5door sunroof panel complete with sunroof assembly headliner switch interior light...... If anyone has one or if anyone can help me to find one.....i have contact number in UK of a breaker....but I want an email it's the easiest way to contact! Regards
  6. Thanks for all the useful info
  7. Thanks for reply So the only difference is the size?
  8. Are ep91 electric wing mirrors the same across ep91 models? White mirror seems to be bigger....
  9. Engine mounts only? Or wishbone bushes rear axle bushes etc?
  10. I m after buying a set of Trd engine mounts I want your opinion about them Regards
  11. Giannis


    Ok Sam thank you very much for your help
  12. Giannis


    I found a tel number of a breaker how has lots of starlets and some of them are sunroof models but I can't contact him from my country so I want someone here contact him and give me his e-mail His number is 07099851857 He is from UK Thanks
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