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  1. Ok thanks for your time and information
  2. I m confused so i will try to find a Jam unit because I want to look stock user bonnet....i believe it is stronger and flows much better than stock with stock boost level.... Thanks for all the useful info
  3. So no one suggest Jam manifold because they crack easily like stock
  4. Can you send me some pics please.I want to inspect the cracks because I want to buy one and I want to know if they are repairable. Thanks a lot
  5. So it's waste of time and money....what boost pressure do you run?maybe they hold easily the stock boost! Thanks for reply Bean
  6. Do you have experience in one of them?
  7. Only at the collector or they crack outside?does the cracked collector affect?
  8. Thanks for reply Matty gt....so they are better than stock ones because they don't have restrictions.Pobably you get better performance with one of them. That's why I'm trying to find a jam manifold
  9. Yes it does....no matter just drop them on
  10. Are jam manifold reliable?Or the they crack like stock ones? And how much is a normal price for o e of them? Thanks
  11. Giannis

    K sport issue

    Change all master cylinder seals and bleed them again
  12. This is my first suspicion Does a cracked manifold affects? Thanks for reply
  13. It is nothing to do with restriction....it happens to all gears Thanks
  14. As title....i am a stock ep91 glanza owner When I push the throttle it boost fine(three lights on tacho an a lot of power and torgue) utlil 5000 5500 rpm the boost lows down (two lights on tacho and less power and torgue) Any suggestions Thanks
  15. Blitz decat?pm me Thank you
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