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  1. Giannis

    Brake kit

    Looking for a brake (straight fit) to fit under 14 wheels
  2. Thanks for reply Any management light on? What about performance? And did you check air fuel mixure?
  3. Thanks for all the useful info My plan is to change my glanza at ecu with a jam pnp ECU My problem is the jam ECU is a mt So I m trying to find what I must modify to install jam ecu
  4. As the title I m looking some info about 4pin to 3 pin conversion and If anyone already done it Also what parts I need Thanks
  5. Giannis

    FAO: Keri

    Need a brake kit.....how can contact Keri?
  6. Giannis

    4pot brakes

    I m looking for a 4 pot brake kit to fit 14 inch wheels Any suggestions?
  7. Cash waiting awaiting
  8. Hi I need some advice step by step How can I adjust ignition timing Regards
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