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  1. Very good.....and lovely condition with 4age engine Keep going
  2. Thanks for reply I bought a pair of 98 spec glanza I there is enough space for the optional armrest
  3. Is it capable fitting armrest in a 98spec starlet? I mean is there enough space between the seats for the armrest?
  4. And some new nuts and gaskets
  5. Yes stock ct9...but I will rebuild my blitz k1 200v
  6. I already use blitz decat....
  7. Yesterday I gave a sandblast my manifold...and I painted with high temp resistance colour!!
  8. After a long research finally I bought from yahoo auctions a manifold for my glanza.Its a rare Jam iron cast manifold...the big deal with a Jam manifold is that it looks like stock retains the heat shields flows much better than a stock one it has very good crack resistance and it hasn't any restrictions inside ports.....also it is tubular and the ports are larger than stock!
  9. What s the differences between glanza v and starlet na (servo and brake master cylinder)
  10. Ok thanks for your time and information
  11. I m confused so i will try to find a Jam unit because I want to look stock user bonnet....i believe it is stronger and flows much better than stock with stock boost level.... Thanks for all the useful info
  12. So no one suggest Jam manifold because they crack easily like stock
  13. Can you send me some pics please.I want to inspect the cracks because I want to buy one and I want to know if they are repairable. Thanks a lot
  14. So it's waste of time and money....what boost pressure do you run?maybe they hold easily the stock boost! Thanks for reply Bean
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