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  1. Sure I have seen over on another forum, they are in the middle of a garage move, not been very forthcoming about it though
  2. Had an ORC309 rattle-suppressed myself, never skipped a beat
  3. Ah thanks guys, yeah I do pop in form time to time to check on you(r car updates)
  4. I posted it originally, but photobucket is no longer used, so here is the link, maybe of some help http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/163-how-2-fit-a-honda-s2000-start-button/?tab=comments#comment-50578
  5. I’m out of the game for Starlet parts, sold mine many years ago, but i’ve just found a TRD oil and petrol cap. I'm thinking around £70 for the petrol cap and £40 for the oil cap, is that unreasonable? As you can see from the pics they are in very good condition for their age, any questions just ask. With the oil cap I have added a rubber gasket I used to make it straight, when I changed from one rocker cover to another the sticker orientation changed. Payment: Prob easiest with paypal, or cash on collection Location: Dartford, Kent Shipping: Either collection, or can
  6. Yup removed everything from photobucket, but not sure where to go now
  7. Elsie is now sitting lower on Meister Zeta S coilovers, need slight adjustment to get it sitting right Also going to do another gearbox and diff oil change before Brands Hatch Along with replacing a damaged ABS sensor and two new front hubs
  8. Wow over a year without an update, I have been slow Went to BBR for a remap on the mk2.5 on saturday, engine is clearly run in by now with a few oil changes under its belt. I also had the cat die on me so replaced that with a sport cat, anyways here is the graph and some snaps from the day. So the engine before was pretty healthy to be making 153, so 160 and 135 torque, wasn't a massive leap but certainly feels so different through the rev range, even sounds different too. Can't fault the guys at BBR, lovely guys and a result I'm pleased with.
  9. Were those SA90s my old ones? Looking awesome dude
  10. So engine is now in, 1500 miles run and switched to fully synth oil. Also these have just arrived
  11. Yes indeed it is a 6 speed, the mk2.5s don't need a re-route kit to my knowledge
  12. I think I only have this to be fair sorry http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/91530-trd-oil-cap-and-sard-rad-cap/
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