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  1. Made in Japan. 7mm blue 4E-FTE clip type silicone plug leads, Couple of years old but never used. Probably the best but definitely the most JDM plug leads you can get for the Starlet. These retail for £155 from RHD Japan. 4 plug leads plus king lead. These leads do not come with clips. Couple of years old but never used, new condition. Price: £120
  2. Now that is a small throttle body butterfly. This is very Interesting info. I am so rusty with all the engine info/differences. It's frustrating trying to remember everything I know I knew once. haha. Unfortunately I didn't measured the rods. Gavin
  3. Thank you. I like to do my best. I think the Gi throttle body is 50mm. I don't know for sure because when the Gi engine was fitted to my car they used the ep91 UK throttle body (because of sensor differences) and circumstance ment I never got my hands on it. I don't know about ep80s but as I understand it all ep82 4E-FEs came with pink injectors. I believe the early corolla 4E-FEs had dark green injectors. A higher dome you say? Interesting. I think the Gi 4E-FEs have a 7200 rev limit. Again not sure because the UK ECU was used and i've only tested the Gi ECU with half the
  4. Checked my UK Starlet and it's recalled! Kinda lost for words. I was thinking the other day if my 22 year old airbag would work in a crash and now I get a new one. Bonus I guess. Gavin.
  5. I am wanting both armrests that incorporate mounting for the electric window controls in UK light grey. Must be in good condition. Anyone have any? Thank you. Gavin
  6. Cheers. Yep years ago, i've been working on this for a decade or more now and it's gone by very fast. Gavin
  7. Anyone seen this? Thoughts? Only available in south africa. New Starlet New Starlet Review Gavin
  8. No problem and thank you. I always try and learn as much as I can because I remember the old saying "A man with only a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" and I will only share knowledge if I feel I can explain things as simple as possible because that usually means it is understand in depth. Anyway, always glad to help people if I am able. Good luck with the breathing system, the theory of engine breathing and catch cans has got to be one of the most debated subjects around modding cars. Gavin
  9. You mean this? If so yeah it was me. I have not tested this yet but I did hear someone might of tested it successfully. I would guess the check valves would need soft springs to work properly.
  10. Cheers mate. I have never had access to measure a FTE inlet cam. I have read all the available information on the internet about the differences between engines but we all know you don't believe everything you read on the internet. I had the opportunity to acquire the 5E-FHE cams so went with them. I have so far only verified the amount of extra lift at 0.75mm on inlet and 0.3mm on the exhaust. The valve timing I have not measured yet. Gavin
  11. You have an epic car here. I have not yet read the whole thread but I will. Your attention to detail is superb and it shows in how the car looks. Can't wait for this to progress. I still have a really soft spot for this colour. 8K9 Really beautiful. Gavin
  12. I would love to see actual dyno evidence of the max HP and power delivery for all the manifolds. It's something no one has done yet for the N/A engine. You are definitely right, you don't get the full benefit of the 1st gen manifold without a higher rev limit. The higher rev limit of the 1st gen Gi ECU i'm going to use is another reason I went with the 1st gen manifold. Thank you and I hope this is the start of a Starlet and forum revival. This forum used to be buzzing all day and late into the night at one point. It's so sad to see it like this. Gavin
  13. Cheers mate. Ha yeah, Photobucket certainly did earn the title of the hosting company that broke the internet. Well deserved title if you ask me. There are a few reasons I changed back to the earlier intake manifold. I know nobody really knows if it's in the ECU or manifold or both but it supposedly makes more power and I guess it felt like it fitted my driving style better. It also allows easy hooking up of some of the engine sensors needed for the older Corolla or starlet Gi ECU. Gavin
  14. HAHA 5 years later. Oh Well. All photos have been fixed. Also, maybe updates soon because believe it or not this project is still alive. Just. Gavin
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