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  1. So a slight change in plan, quite abit to update so, i will try keep it short and sweet 😅. So i found an oil leak on the car, 3 issues. Wrong sealant used on the sump, silicone was used!!. 2 threaded bolts and 2 missing bolts, incorrect sump for oil pick up. Tapped out new threads and placed a couple studs in which are locktite and sealed in. The issue with the pick up hitting the sump, i twisted the pick up (we are talking 2mm) so it was no longer hitting the sump pan, correct sealant used to seal it up. Next up i decided to go front mount intercooler and removed
  2. Would reccomend Nikhil to anyone wanting his parts. Got some bits today and pleasure to deal with 👍🏼
  3. Small update; Ended up going for a Wolf Standalone ECU, GFB v2 boost controller and also picked up a blitz boost pipe with dump valve. Front ends always had a weird black overspray looking thing, so clayed the whole front end. Car stayed clean so got my camera out for a couple of shots!! Enjoy Before; After ; I dont plan on building this car as such, the whole idea behind going standalone was to gain more control and better management than stock. Something easy to use and tried and tested by mappers, Will do
  4. Quick picture since the sun was out no massive update other than looking to go standalone ecu, purely for more control over the fuel and boost. Dont fancy a piggyback. Bumper no longer sags and sits lovely to the lights Drove 1000km so far since putting the engine together. Cant fault this little motor
  5. Love how this is done under a tent! Haha same way mine was rebuilt haha
  6. Thats a good shout, looks very much like that type a one, cheers. The wheels are sprint hart
  7. Hi, i've been told its an different varient of the jam lip, which i do like over the one with the wings on the side. As its a 'full jam bodykit', someone else may know if thats correct
  8. So abit of an update Had a couple days spare so decided to rebuild the engine and try get this running In the process of this all i couldnt help but refurb a couple of bits and give it abit of paint So engine rebuilt, coolant and oil change started up and sounded spot on! Nice and healthy again. All thats left to do is to my powersteering fluid up and attach the belt for it!. Drove it a couple times uo and down the drive and all seems to be fine. Pretty painless so far and a joy to work on. Heres how its looking
  9. Ive got a ep3 currently and yeah very cheap parts haha! Cheers Ive a couple days next week so in theory.. Ive looked at seats indeed but time will tell what way the build goes right
  10. Hi all, A glanza v turbo has always been on the to own list, only 7 years later than i first signed up here... i can now say i own myself a white glanza v !. As all cars its purchased as a project, so this car was down compression on cylinder 1-2. A friend picked it up a few months back and since he got it i said i was going to have it off him. Initially this was purely to fix and flip... however So 1 day into ownership ive taken the head off the engine and become very apparent headgasket was certainly failed. I believe this engine was rebuilt a few years ago, however opening
  11. Hi all! Only 7 years later from the "month" i planned 😂. But i now own a white glanza V!
  12. I didn't miss much then aha, was at mx practise Sunday, had a huge crash knocking myself out, just been released from hospital now! No driving for me for a while lol
  13. Possibly have seen it, seen a couple of them down their before, there's a possibility that also next weekend il be their in my vts if I get payed. Il pop over if I see you by your car tho, or if you see my two tone vts pop over
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