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  1. Great progress Rob. Much else planned? Did you sort your centre caps out?
  2. Breaking an Ep91 here currently, drop me a pm with what your after👍🏻
  3. Some decent numbers, im sure your very pleased with the outcome! Must be great fun for daily use!
  4. Looks good! What are you hoping to make from the new setup? did you manage to keep much of the front bumper too?
  5. Full Wepr td04 hybrid top mounted kit, full an lines, heatsheild, air filter piping, pm me if your interested
  6. Ah an easy fix then! Funny how you ended up back with the car and having to fix its issues lol, looks as if your getting it back on track! 😎
  7. Ep91 section🤷🏻‍♂️ Some phenomenal glanza reps in there, boosted or n/a!
  8. An interesting auction, anyone shed any light on it? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/r392338126 Real or aftermarket it would look cool painted up!
  9. The confetti’s are staying for now... lol Some from a local jdm meet, funny danny with the ‘k20 ere’ is now a glanza owner lol. Players show, After yearssss of wanting a Carbing 3 point brace i finally got my hands on one! I won an auction in japan so had to wait for its arrival. Arrived within a week Because i opted for a faster delivery. I was going away for a couple of months so wanted it before i left lol. Fitted... The car was then parked up for a couple of months while i was away down under! I would highly recommend a trip to new zealand, Its a truly wonderful place! While there i couldnt help myself but buy this when it became available! I had to wait until i was home to get a look at it, but it gave me something to look forward to come home too lol. I then ran into an issue with the carbing brace and the arc tmic...
  10. Looks good! Interested in seeing some more photos!
  11. I liked where the ep91 build went! Will be interesting to see how this ends up!😎
  12. Rear arches, check for original spot welds and not full of filler. Also run your hand round the back of them. Another under cleaned area which is prone to rust is behind the rear arch liners. Nice shelf for crap to sit in and cause it to rot out. You can usually get a good view from the back of the car, and again, get your hands where ever you can reach.
  13. New rear quarters are still available from toyota last time i checked, was sometime ago now though
  14. New roof rubbers are leagues apart from old stuff. I had the same approach with my windscreen, then found that toyota only charge £145 or something! 🤨 looking forward to seeing some pictures 😄
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