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  1. C’s short shifter always gets my vote! Spoiler will look awesome too.
  2. Sounds good, i got the clocks in and kinda worked, the temp gauge shot up and a few other bits wernt right so i gave up and put it all back to how it was lol.
  3. So there's a feed for the rev counter? Any pics of your wiring if your round there again please? Lol.
  4. Less than ideal! As said replacements are available, plus rubbers can still be bought. Glass always gets everywhere though!
  5. Welcome! Not many sr’s around now! Get some photos up 😎
  6. Seems to be making some quick progress! Good to see the car getting some good attention, be interesting to see the final result 😎
  7. I can see these pics on instagram, what about some Ukso exclusive ones? 😂
  8. I also wanted to fit a glanza cluster to my ep91 reflet. The wiring is completely different to uk spec ep91’s and i struggled to find any pin outs for jdm spec n/a car.
  9. Thanks Burt! Hoping i can get busy over Christmas lol
  10. What you after out of interest?
  11. Currently my winter project to tidy up the engine bay. Still plenty left to do....
  12. Not too bad when it should last another 20+ years lol
  13. Have you tried reprogramming it?
  14. I think hes seen that the original Jam glanza is on its way to the uk and has his eye on it...
  15. Have a look on the vin plate, thats the best way to tell what youve got, or what it should have, either way, a glanza s is still awesome, all the looks without the worry of breaking something!
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