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  1. Have a look on the vin plate, thats the best way to tell what youve got, or what it should have, either way, a glanza s is still awesome, all the looks without the worry of breaking something!
  2. Great progress! Always sad to watch the paint fall off the manifold lol
  3. You can get adapters that plug onto those connections to avoid soldering.
  4. Best thing you can do is put something on the rear shelf
  5. Find an n/a parcel shelf with speakers and loom, then dissect them off and fit them to your glanza shelf. The holes are marked on the underside of the shelf for easy fitting. If the n/a is being broken up you will be able to get the loom that runs from the shelf to the headunit for an oem install.
  6. BMX-RIG

    Arc bov

    As above
  7. I had this issue, it almost looks like they clip back in but I certainly couldn’t manage it, ended up replacing the intake pipe.
  8. A nice write up, im sure the potential buyer will be very pleased! Hoping it goes to a good home, glws!
  9. Original glanza alloy wheel size is 14 inch
  10. 195/50/15 tyres would work great on them, and yes 4x100 6j will fit great with no rubbing issues😎
  11. have you checked the gearbox mount in the tunnel?
  12. Look good! A good base to start with is always a good start! its been done time and time again but heres my daily n/a glanza rep 😎
  13. Looks amazing, rare colour too to top it off!
  14. BMX-RIG

    oil type

    Also using castrol magnatec 10w40 in mine, fairly standard setup.
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