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  1. A fairly early one too, love the retro wing mirrors. Ticks most boxes otherwise expect the 3dr one ☹️
  2. Cheers dude! Never know how much detail some people are really interested in lol. Off to the isle of wight in it this weekend!
  3. I thought they were too from memory! However they sit slightly in, when i put my 98 bumper on my reflet there was about half an inch gap between the bumper and the bracket. I just used a small tube like washer to make up the difference.
  4. If your desperate theres an rx7 one on ebay but its arc money. ☹️ https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223562330926
  5. Most recently made a few minor changes/ additions. Cambelt 100k warning sticker. The wiring for the purifier was more suited for something with a fixed parcel shelf. The plug to disconnect was right by the purifier and just looked wrong. It needed a plug fixed by the speaker loom. So i bought a wiring loom with the speaker plug in and chopped them out. Added the 5th wire required for the purifier and soldered/ heat shrinked and taped it back together. Im no auto electrician but i think it came out alright. Before, The quick release cable tie was used so the parcel shelf could easily be removed but the wiring kept tidy. Wires cut, finished product, Swapped out the oem speakers as they had seen better days. Would like to revisit the install at some point. Twin plug setup, While doing this i decided to relocate the Sard Attack Meter. Tested its new home. Looks much better i feel. No wires all over the place now either. Thats all for now 👍🏻
  6. Scuttle end clips sorted out, the bottom part also needed replacing to allow a new one to fit. I got hold of a matching defi racer boost gauge. Mounted the sensor on the back of the inlet on a small bracket. I moved the temp gauge down and put the boost gauge along side it. Wanting to clear the top of the dash up. You can just see the fuel gauge still so its not all bad. Next show was JdmCombe, no ukso stand here so i was on with another small starlet club. Obvious pre show fill up.
  7. Heres a collection of photos from japfest,
  8. Fuel rail looks good! With the hks plaque it would probably pass most people as genuine😎
  9. Thanks ryan! 😎 I was midway through updating the thread when the forum dropped for a few days so i forgot about it.😂
  10. Messaged him on instagram to let him know 👍
  11. Looks tidy! Definitely worth having that number plate panel off to clean the number plate lights and behind!
  12. Cheers mate continuing on, some photos from the Bicester Heritage meet. Next up was japfest, moments after i got the car outside the workshop it poured with rain and continued to do so all the way home which was annoying. So had so cleaning up to do upon arriving at silverstone.
  13. I might have one, will double check
  14. Ready for the new calipers i thought id replace the bearing dust cover. Annoyingly the first one turned damaged so that was exchanged. Calipers fitted. Wheels needed a clean in these photos so apologies. New genuine pads in at the same time, discs didnt warrant changing yet. Couple of rear enders at a local afternoon meet, Since fitting the wepr manifold i had thought about making a heat shield for it. I used the oem one as a template and had to come up with my mounting points. Before mocked up, Finished result, not sure how functional it is but it should serve a purpose. Also covers up the mild steel mani. All cleaned up ready for the Bicester Heritage meet.
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