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  1. This looked a great buy with some rare bits on it along with the forged engine setup. Interested to see where you take you the car.
  2. Some great progress brad. Interested to see how you get on with the ecumaster setup, whos mapping it?
  3. Great to see an sr bring saved! Also good to see the parts that are still readily available
  4. Very sad times indeed. All the best with the sale, hope you find a way to hang onto it.
  5. Good to see this is still on the go! 😎 With regards to finding a roof lining for a sunroof model, your best bet is to find a ukdm breaker with an electric sunroof. CD or GLS models will be your only hope.
  6. Great progress Rob. Much else planned? Did you sort your centre caps out?
  7. Do you have a photo of the clips in question?
  8. Breaking an Ep91 here currently, drop me a pm with what your after👍🏻
  9. Some decent numbers, im sure your very pleased with the outcome! Must be great fun for daily use!
  10. Looks good! What are you hoping to make from the new setup? did you manage to keep much of the front bumper too?
  11. Full Wepr td04 hybrid top mounted kit, full an lines, heatsheild, air filter piping, pm me if your interested
  12. Ah an easy fix then! Funny how you ended up back with the car and having to fix its issues lol, looks as if your getting it back on track! 😎
  13. Ep91 section🤷🏻‍♂️ Some phenomenal glanza reps in there, boosted or n/a!
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