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  1. Plug in the drivers footwell can be extended to the rear for parcel shelf speakers. From factory a new loom was added to power up rear speakers and this was always unused.
  2. Great work! I also recently bought the fuel filler neck guard. Mine was also in a bad shape! Interesting about the airbag on imports. My reflet has the airbag light on so hoping it gets recalled so they can deal with it lol.
  3. With the trim panel off remove the 2 10mm fixings. Then inside you can get to some of the clips to unclip it. Clips are easily bought online so if some break thats not a issue
  4. I could confirm this car had its bottom end rebuilt. Previous owner was a friend of mine and very local so i knew the car very well. He had it a few years and spent some time and money on it to make it a nice car. Since then allot of the parts that were fitted in his ownership have been removed. Coilovers, recaros, harnesses and various other parts. The Ad is poor with not enough photos, none of the interior or engine bay for a start. I don’t understand why people dont take up to date photos when they sell cars. Rather than saying doesnt include this and that etc.
  5. Can highly recommend michelin ps3’s, great all rounder. Went from ad08r’s and prefer the way the car behaves on the road!
  6. This looked a great buy with some rare bits on it along with the forged engine setup. Interested to see where you take you the car.
  7. Some great progress brad. Interested to see how you get on with the ecumaster setup, whos mapping it?
  8. Great to see an sr bring saved! Also good to see the parts that are still readily available
  9. Very sad times indeed. All the best with the sale, hope you find a way to hang onto it.
  10. Good to see this is still on the go! 😎 With regards to finding a roof lining for a sunroof model, your best bet is to find a ukdm breaker with an electric sunroof. CD or GLS models will be your only hope.
  11. Great progress Rob. Much else planned? Did you sort your centre caps out?
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