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  1. Si is very helpful, me and my friend went to pick some parts up from him and came away with much more than expected. Happy to go the extra mile to search through his parts. Top guy.
  2. Hi Fuat. Can you try to send me a PM message. Tried to contact you but unable to send you anything for some reason. Thanks
  3. Might have replied to you on facebook..? That is for the GT turbo (glanza has different plugs) however you can chop them off and wire it in worst case.
  4. Nice work with this. Would you share the link where you got your floor mats from? Thanks
  5. Do these light up with a bulb in the centre or just the outside ring? Looks like a halo ring or is that it's just very reflective? In the options catalogs toyota picture it (cartoon image) as just the outside ring being lit up too..
  6. It is funny you should say that, because most of the sets of Speedlines that I have seen come up for sale over the years, have been sets of 5..
  7. Any more updates on this fine original Glanza in it's homeland?
  8. Nice. Is the TD exhaust the 3 inch one that they have listed on their website, or was this something custom that they did for you? (Apart from leaving off the reducer)
  9. Nice, looks like you're making progress! I like the Tomei knob and gaiter, where did you buy them? And has this car got footwell lights on it? Also what is that gold packet infront of the shifter? Generic air freshener? Keep up the good work.
  10. Second hand only for genuine toyota. Otherwise aftermarket versions..
  11. Yeh I have to say I think that would be a great buy for someone even at that price. You could daily that for 10 years and I bet it'd still be in good shape and low miles by the end of it.
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