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  1. Sorry for the late reply mate. It’s not fitted yet I’m still waiting for some bolts from ARP. I fitted one to my friends car about 3 months ago and it’s still running fine
  2. Stage 4 competition clutch and lightend flywheel arrived today. Supplied by idworkz perfect service as always😊
  3. thanks dude there will be plenty more to come
  4. cheers mate and yeah i have a 5e being built at tuning development which will be going in later this year. As for now she still stock power wise pal
  5. Took her out last night for a little drive. Not to much been done at the minute as waiting for some parts to arrive
  6. Car is finally all registered and on the road, its been a productive day fitted new white line panard rod and tuning developments 255 fuel pump
  7. Just a quick update from today. Brand new meister r coilivers now fitted, still need to adjust them to get the correct ride height.
  8. Sure was, its better than I thought very clean inside and out, underneath is spotless not 1 bit of rust. I don't have any progress builds unfortunately for my last others
  9. Ill get more pictures up this week mate, that profile pic was my first glanza back in 2015. This is my 4th one now cant get enough of these cars😆
  10. Thank mate, its very clean for is age and still original paint to
  11. Cheers dude and i bought this late October last year and got it home last week.
  12. Hi mate thanks, I've already bought a fair few bits i have a 5e that's currently being built as we speak
  13. Its finally landed after a long wait my Glanza v😊. Follow the build to keep upto date, 3 of the pictures are from when she was still in japan.
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