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  1. Hi, I'm having same problem with my glanza auto, did you sort it? And can you advise on what to do to fix. Thanks
  2. Enkei

    Idle problem

    Ive bought new plugs still same. Cleaned idle control valve again no joy. Pulled the plug out of the TPS and went for a drive idling normally but lacks power might be because automatic I'm not sure. The auto is a 4 pin TPS. I'm guessing really but decided to order a new one.from toyota,,,only £213 lol
  3. Enkei

    Idle problem

    Hi Stopping at a st of traffic lights today then my glanza decided to start to idle rough. Low idling as though it wants too stall then trying to pull away struggling to rev up but if I put the car on low boost then the car revs up fine but still idle is rough low idle. I have given the idle control valve a clean but still the same. Disconnected the battery for a bit checked all spark plugs and leads they all look good then took car out everything was fine up until I reversed the car on the drive and it's back idling rough. The glanza is automatic and if I stick it in D or R then it idli
  4. Thanks will have a look at this
  5. Is this the only way o do this then and where do I link the pins which pins Thanks
  6. Hi I want to see if there are any fault codes stored on my Toyota starlet glanza v. What sort of code reader can anyone recommend. Only can see code readers OBD2 then you can get an adapter for the ep91 glanza v too fit for the OBD2 is this the right thing to do or am I likely to fry my ECU? The adapter is on Ebay item number 263971947504
  7. I was lucky, PayPal gave me my £300 back after I disputed the case something to do with seller protection. So the buyer got his £300 back and I got to keep my £300 PayPal lost out in the end. So God knows where that exhaust system ended up. But my phone bill to ring my Hermes wasn't so cheap £38 and got no where with them. Lesson learned never sell something and let the buyer arrange for there own courier service.
  8. Blitz exhaust system. It has a nut on the side of the tip, if anyone comes across this on any for sale sites, can you please contact me. I sold this exhaust to someone with PayPal goods, the buyer arranged the courier service which was parcel2go my Hermes. It's now lost nicked or been scammed. I'm in a dispute with PayPal, £300 money retracted. The address he was sending the parcel to was a shipping company jambo cargo LTD and not his home address. Only found out today PayPal will only cover a seller if they use the address from the buyers PayPal account. So looking like I'm going to lo
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