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  1. Blitz exhaust system. It has a nut on the side of the tip, if anyone comes across this on any for sale sites, can you please contact me. I sold this exhaust to someone with PayPal goods, the buyer arranged the courier service which was parcel2go my Hermes. It's now lost nicked or been scammed. I'm in a dispute with PayPal, £300 money retracted. The address he was sending the parcel to was a shipping company jambo cargo LTD and not his home address. Only found out today PayPal will only cover a seller if they use the address from the buyers PayPal account. So looking like I'm going to loose my case all because he arranged the courier service. What a joke, I can't even get through to the courier service because again didn't arrange it. In the meantime he will get his money and I don't get my exhaust system back.
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