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  1. Hi Timmah, Good to see another Kiwi on this forum! I really appreciate your offer but I’m in Welly, so unfortunately a bit far away! If we were a bit closer on the map I’d definitely have taken you up on that.
  2. Hi all, Reaching out from NZ! This is the first time I've posted anything on this forum, so hopefully the "fuelling" section is the right section to post this in. Wasn't sure if it should have been in "electronics"? Probably both? Anyway, I hope one of you out there can help me in my quest! I'm running a 1996 Starlet Glanza V auto and have some acceleration issues in high boost - it's juddering under hard acceleration, performance in low boost appears to be fine. It happened suddenly one day and has been like it since just before Xmas. The engine management light isn't on, no fault codes have been found via the diagnostics and I've had the ignition system thoroughly checked, platinum plugs and fuel filter replaced and the turbo system smoke tested with no leaks. Everything seems to be working ok?! I'm now down to the map sensor. I've checked the voltage into the map sensor with the engine off (and ignition on) and it's running a straight 5 volts (as expected), and I've checked the vacuum pipe for cracks/splits/blockages/leaks and it all appears good. Next step, I believe, is to check the voltage against various vacuum settings to see if the sensor is performing as it should. I've got my hand vacuum pump at the ready, but need the chart to compare the results against, so if anyone out there has a copy of this chart it would be very much appreciated. Any advice on what else might be the problem is also appreciated. Not sure where to go next if the map sensor proves to be all good?! Thanks in advance.
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