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  1. 450cc without fuel managment of some type.. will have you car run rich. if atill using a stantard ecu with fcd .. just go for 360cc.
  2. My sidelamps and cluster are lighting up when pressing the brake pedal? any suggestions what should i check? Removing fuse12 and still getting lights on. I removed cluster and shaked al cables and wires to see if there is shorted wires but none worked. im clueless now
  3. Fp and B+ should turn on the pump with ignition on.
  4. Hi, I have some curiosty about knock sensor fault codes. Suppose you have a good knock sensor and its wiring... what fault code should we get when the engine knocks? 52 is only for no signal.. 53 and 55 are KS related but i cannot find reasons of faults. Thanks
  5. Need info. i want to use a variable tps on mine too. any diagrams or info i much appreciated. FB messenger me : Kyle Falzon
  6. High idle is surely a leak or some sort of " extra " air passing through the throttlebody. try and remove intercooler pipe and block the inlet with your hand. the car should stall. if not its a leak. Give a quick check to your idle control valve too. might got jammed open
  7. emanage ultimate. Got An injector adaptor on it that includes resisitors is in it too... hence i thinks thats the reason i didnt fry the injector drives. When chekcing resistance on the adapter got 500ohms on each wire. Guess they are in serious tough.
  8. Hi, i have a question regarding resistor packs. what is the right resistor for 550cc 2.4ohm ( low impedance ) injectors? i got my rc 550cc injectors jn my hand and got two resistors that when tested for resistance its showing 1.2ohm each. can i use them or no? need a electric guru here
  9. Hi mate , the question wasn t on lag time and injector size .
  10. Hi guys, anyonr can give me more info on logging the injector duty cycle? there is input and ouput duty cycles. what should the numbers be on the two of them. i know that over 80% the "limit" but which one has to be 80 input or output? Thanks
  11. Hi , As you all know the 4efte ecu has only 2 output channels for the injector pulses. 1&3 and 2&4. May I ask where is the part where the 2 wires split into 4? i need to fit two resistors on them for my low impedance injectors. Thanks
  12. yeah im will run them with the emu. So i just find the power wire on the injector harness .. cut and put the resistors in between? Thanks
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