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  1. Hi guys,Recently converted to a 4 wire auto TPS on my Glanza which is running an eManage Ultimate. Car puts out error code 41 when in diagnostic mode. Have any of you experienced this before?
  2. Hello, Can anyone help me out with wiring in the 4 wire auto TPS? Car is a 96 Glanza - manual running a eManage Ultimate. Thanks!
  3. You got that right! So far them washers are doing perfect Yes mate, I was running a WEPR downpipe and a 2.5 system with the standard mani. Then got the Power up kit. So the old DP had to go because the turbo shifts a bit. I feel the response is very direct and immediate No I have not had mine dyno'd mate. Rather expensive affair over here ;) I'd rather push those funds to get the EWG, hehe ;)
  4. Hey Ryan.. thanks for the response. It did turn out that the actuator was a bit tired after all these years of service. I put in a couple of 3mm washers between the actuator bracket and the turbo. Now I am boosting 9psi and holding pretty well too. Mate if you are thinking of getting the Power up kit, don't hesitate. Best thing you can do to the CT9, boosts in no time and is an awesome bit of kit. I run a rx7 top mount with custom pipe and relocated the air filter under the air filter under the driver side headlamp. I only need to save up to get an external wastegate
  5. Hi guys. I had bypassed the hi/lo boost and was running at 8psi (0.65 bar) perfectly. I recently got a WEPR CT9 power up kit and relocated the air filter to under the driverside headlamp too. Now after the mod, I can get only 6osi (about .4 bar) any suggestions as to what I can do to rectify this? Car is a '96 Glanza. Appreciate the input, thanks!
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