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  1. You will still hit fuel cut on the stock ecu. Best bet is a blitz access ecu i have seen some made for AT transmission
  2. I think the standard strut brace is far more rigid than most aftermarket ones
  3. If the throttle body pipes ae not futted correctly you will be getting water in your engine
  4. H_D

    Strange noise

    the belt should turn 1/4 with 10kg of force, if its too tight or too loose it will squeal
  5. always best to buy an ecu that your tuner recommends, Many people make this mistake
  6. H_D

    Strange noise

    Worn or loose alternator belt
  7. H_D


    after a 4efte engine, need one soon or will end up breaking my V
  8. H_D

    Lost key

    Or a bit of harsh braking 😎
  9. I drilled mines out and had AN fittings welded on from the inside then blob welded the baffle back in
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