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  1. There is only 1 cable for both check its connected properly on the back of the instrument cluster.
  2. Fully refurbed, sand blasted, painted, new seals etc. Works perfect. Mint condition, will also throw in all 4 brake pad retention clips. £115 posted £100 collected from leicester.
  3. H_D

    Front glanza badge

    Toyota still stock them.
  4. Brilliant clutch and excellent pedal feel, I have the same clutch on my V
  5. I use the VAG or loctite stuff
  6. I personally would not doubt fensport products.
  7. H_D

    Map sensor question

    Thanks for confirming that mate
  8. Is the vacuum nipple on the inlet for the map sensor supposed to be straight or does it come out at an angle? Its straight on my mates gt so not sure if mine is causing a restriction as it comes out at a 45° angle on my glanza.
  9. Go for the 309d. Futureproof it
  10. Which 2 ports do i connect on the diagnostic box to check if power is getting to the fuel pump?
  11. beautiful car mate, probably the best red V I have seen
  12. The timing belt covers are the same as an N/A
  13. You need the part highlighted in red.
  14. Furure motorsports in leicester gave me the best prices for my forged internals.
  15. The crank pulley will rub against the bottom cambelt cover if it wasnt seated correctly when installed or if you forgot to install the big washer before the pulley that slides over the woodruff key on the crank
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