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  1. Hello, im finding it hard to find a new pair of front shocks, I’ve tried as best I can searching the internet, even using OEM part no’s 48510-10231 & 48520-10211 can anyone help me please? thanks Kalp
  2. Thanks to all your replies, thankfully I have some red rubber grease
  3. Hi Having had my calipers rebuilt, then painted, I am undecided which lubricant to use on the guide pins I've read a lot of people's opinions on the type of lubricant to used. My questions are: - Which lubricant did you use? - How long was it before you routinely check them? - Were the guide pins still moving freely? - Did you "Top up" on the greasing the guide pins? Thanks Kalp
  4. Thanks for all your replies
  5. Hi Skiny Where did you get your kit from? Have you got standard bulbs on your fog lights?
  6. Hi, Im wanting to go for more brightness thank stock bulbs so I'm looking for opinions on whether to go for a HID Kit/Xenon/LED bulbs for my ep82. Any links you can point me to would be greatly appreciated. Also can someone advise what bulb types fits the ep82 as I can only find info relating to the ep91. Many thanks Kalp
  7. Kalp

    Rear Caliper Pistons

    Thanks will give them a try
  8. Hi Other than the stealers, does anyone know where I could source a pair of rear caliper pistons for my ep82 GT Thanks Kalp
  9. Have you had any mods done to your GT Auto? The Hand Controls are pricey, I've had 3 sets installed to all the cars in the household including my daily driver, but then again the independence it gives you is priceless. I've taken loads of pictures, mainly to use a reference putting everything back together again, I could start a new thread regarding my progress I've started off cleaning and tidying the engine bay and found an oil leak form the rocker cover gasket, so while I'm at it I might paint to rocker cover before reinstalling it. I'm afraid not mate, I'm up North in Bolton.
  10. It's a dirty brown with a burnt smell to it also, so it will be changed before it hits to roads again Sounds like an easy procedure, one that I could handle in my condition. Which ATF do you use for yours Shyam? Also, have you heard of LubeGard Platinum for ATF? Came across it last week which seems to be mainly available for the American market but is available to buy here at an extra premium by the looks of it. http://www.lubegard.com/~/C-112/LUBEGARD+Automatic+Transmission+Fluid+Protectant
  11. I would like to pick your brains one time about the Auto box, more so about best way to change the ATF fluid as mine will need to be done as I'm not sure when it was serviced.
  12. Pictures that were taken last summer https://www.dropbox.com/s/qc8wmbn3pe93e98/IMAG1303.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/458rmxjtjabld7n/IMAG1304.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ylrgnvylaz05bjg/IMAG1306.jpg?dl=0 Many Thanks
  13. I'll be looking to get the Jeff Gosling Push & Pull type Hand Controls http://www.jeffgosling.co.uk/HandControls/handcontrols.html
  14. Hi, I can't find info on here on how to post pics unless you can point me to the thread that helps with that Thanks
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