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  1. Use a celica gt4 map sensor, its a direct fit but the tuner will need to scale it
  2. E1 and TE1 need to be bridged whilst setting timing
  3. Since i added extra earths ive not had any issues
  4. Pm me if u still need a crank pulley
  5. If its using a ct9 core the fittings are different. If its a td04 core then u need all the bits i mentioned in the original post. Will the oil feed be positioned facing straight up
  6. If its for a ct9 that sits in the stock position just use the original oil and water lines. My guide is for a TD04 🤦‍♂️
  7. Send me a pic of your set up il have a look for you
  8. Got a crank pulley here. 1 tiny chip on it
  9. You need the spring clip. I took 1 off an old release bearing.
  10. as above im after a 4efte block and crank
  11. H_D


    Bare in mind a used rad is over 21 years old
  12. H_D


    Sadly discontinued from toyota, dont bother with the skinny ebay ones. I ended up buying a zep radiator from rhdjapan.
  13. H_D

    tmic cover

    Looking for stock TMIC cover please PM me Thanks
  14. Purchased these new years ago and never used them as i ended up fitting an anti lift kit instead. Any idea on what they might be worth and would anyone know if they would fit an ep82?
  15. You will still hit fuel cut on the stock ecu. Best bet is a blitz access ecu i have seen some made for AT transmission
  16. I think the standard strut brace is far more rigid than most aftermarket ones
  17. If the throttle body pipes ae not futted correctly you will be getting water in your engine
  18. H_D

    Strange noise

    the belt should turn 1/4 with 10kg of force, if its too tight or too loose it will squeal
  19. always best to buy an ecu that your tuner recommends, Many people make this mistake
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