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  1. what fmic size would you recommend with a stock ct9 turbo and also piping sizes, thank you!
  2. im not sure about the vacuum leaks but it seems like there are none yes map sensor all good
  3. Hello, can I ask for help? My idle rpm goes down when I turn on the AC and I always experience fuel cut when I go past 3000 rpm while driving. Please help me thank you!
  4. hello, my brakes get stuck while driving and doesn't release. though when the car is off and tried pushing the car, the brakes are released. then it gets stuck again while driving. please help? could the ecu engage the brake system?
  5. hi mate can I ask for the photo too? Need help also with the sensor
  6. which one of the 3 pin coolant temp sensor is ground? which one is for the ecu? which one is for the dash?
  7. what's the pin out for the number 3 sensor? which one is ground, ecu, and dash?
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