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  1. In need of a 99 spec front bumper and oem front lip. Thanks in advance....
  2. Siwfc


    Cheers pal appreciated.
  3. Siwfc

    EP 91 bonnet scoop

    As title people. Thanks in advance.
  4. Got 1 here bud.
  5. Mate, what a build I’m so jealous! Nice build!!!!!
  6. Siwfc

    Bonnet scoop

    Oem bonnet scoop needed. Thanks I’m advance!
  7. As in the title, the short loom with the 3 bulb holders. Must be a facelift one. Thanks in advance..
  8. Why would you wanna know the paint code?
  9. Siwfc


    In need of a worn out but serviceable TD04l turbo. Thanks in advance
  10. Siwfc


    Much appreciated pal.
  11. I'd say ban for at least 6 months and the fine system has just changed, as in it goes on your salary now not a fixed fine. Aynbody doing over a ton is banned, footballer, politician or priest. Never heard so much "shite" in my life as cops not following it up or people handing themselves in. Best of luck with it though yeah!
  12. True so I'll give you that 1 pal. Good to see you back on it though after all the hard work you've put in!!
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