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  1. This is a 3G kit that was produced in collaboration with Dave Burwash when he was running TMD. I have a new pair if brake lines if the buyer of this kit would like to replace the worn lines happy to sell cheap.
  2. Looked well at retro rides gathering last year 👍
  3. You can get the stock efi pipe on just take the rubber seal out the end and it will fit.
  4. Was some bits on TGTT and on woodsports site who did the engine swap
  5. Just bringing this thread back from the dead DVLA say the car is SORN , anyone know where it is?
  6. Still got these looking for some good condition recaro seats for another project so interested in doing a deal if anyone has anything. I just need seats and the runners for them to move back and forwards on i'll do the rest.
  7. Thanks mate thought it was a good price they are a very good gauge and a tidy solution rather than having them all over on top of the dash
  8. Item For Sale: Defi DIN gauge oil and water temp and oil pressure very rare secondhand. The white face and green illumination matches the glanza dials perfectly. Item Condition & Description: 1-DIN sized unit with 1x pressure (oil/fuel) and 2x Temperature (oil/water) gauges. Right angled model. High intensity Illumination for maximum visibility day and night.Micro-controlled stepping motor provides instantaneous response and highly accurate measurements.Opening and closing modes.Gauges angled towards driver for higher visibilitySet Includes : Defi DIN gauge (white face, green illuminat
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