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  1. Just booked myself on, track session D aswel, 5 on stand so far let's start getting those numbers up
  2. I'll be on at 10am too so get thinking about your excuses for why you're eating my dust again 😘
  3. Knew you'd pipe up 😂 Thank you luckily the clarence is good on these
  4. Did you order the booster aswel or just sticking with the yellow pages?
  5. Thanks guys So after a few years and some good usage brakes were looking pretty tired so I got the new style set, got in there just before the price increase so happy days. Unfortunately the clearance is worse than the old style, if you look at the pics the bleed nipple is so close to the wheel I couldn't even run the dust covers ha, it meant I had to sell not only my Ray's group nrs wheels but also my advsn sa3r my prodrive were the only wheels I had that I could use sad times
  6. Thanks calum Few before and after pics of my old brake setups Standard brakes when I got the car were absolute shite upgraded to grooved and dimpled discs ebc yellow sruff pads braided lines and performance fluid (still shite) Went for some 6 pot k sports with ferodo ds2500 pads and motul rbf 600 fluid by far the best mod I've done to this car really gives you the confidence to push when you know you can stop! I've since changed again now to the new style ksports pics to follow
  7. Where has my name on the leaderboard gone 😥
  8. Few pics of my first starlet that I sent to the grave 12 years ago very nearly sending myself with it apparently it rolled twice I was lucky to survive this bought my current starlet around s year later and the first mod I did was fit a cage with my dad
  9. I went for a side exit exhaust so there was a cut out where the exhaust should be which looked shite so I cut up my rear lip and designed and made a diffuser to sit in there, also drilled a massive hole in my front bumper 🙈
  10. Welcome back you mean 😉 When did it get so easy to upload pics on here? it's the reason I gave up posting
  11. I ran 15x7 et 35 and they didn't touch the artches
  12. Stuck a couple more in didnt realise how easy it is to upload pics now not stuck any up since the photo bucket days
  13. Took awhile to find my original thread still got the car 12 years after buying it, currently looks like this
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