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  1. Good clean example matey.. if you don't mind me asking how much did you take her for ?
  2. Why don't people advertise there cars with more pics LOL read the above scroll down hoping to see a number of pictures, engine, inside, general shots from around the car and it's just 1 picture lol. Dude sell your car get more pictures together obviously it will help your sale a lot lot more
  3. Awesome build! not a fan of the spoiler tho dude.. oem looks so much better in my eyes
  4. You will regret it mate i regret selling mine so much
  5. Lol... i'm sure this would help your sale be a lot quicker with better shots i am interested just waiting on better pics
  6. Need more pictures ? Engine for 1 dude.. shots around the car etc.. 1 pic just doesnt cut it :/
  7. Needs to at least show footage of the car being driven lol.. was expecting to see what it goes like just seen it crawl off slow
  8. Gorgeous looking V... White is by far the best colour <3 (Oooo i do miss mine)
  9. Think engine pics would do you some justice mate ?
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