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  1. well this is good to be saying and its somthing totally different along with been somthing I would of never thought would purchase but here is my new jdm import,ideail for my new big dog n all its a subaru forester sti 02 jdm has the usual bbs wheels,4 pot brakes,260bhp tdo4,momo steering wheel, etc etc already have some bc racing coilovers and now looking for jdm some wheels... might have to be rota at this point as can not find feck all!!!! (do not mind rota anyways..)
  2. been searching ebay and gumtree that is all I can think of and they do not have much for some jdm wheels any one kno a jdm goody palace that supplies some wheels and treats
  3. looking for some jdm yo wheels sizes 18x9.5 5x100 et30 please pm cheers
  4. crazy there is more than 1 mot/er in the world LOL go to a friendly place as stated! simples
  5. green light are very very good! no extra charge for mods is a utter bonus as well 450 fully comp for my 32
  6. had couple screamer pipes with no smell in cabin at all but recently had my ibiza with turbo back but not screamer etc but same prince able and it was the seal on the decat caused it to stink of fuel.. when sold up put the stock cat back on and no smell so yeah the seal was poor on the decat.. check that also you used a new gasket and sealant ?
  7. think i have settled on some Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 ratings are very very well.. will give them a try...also in the wet supposed to be 10/10
  8. not oem wheels, no idea on what size et wheel it is n all
  9. atm tyres are 225/40/18 now it shows the wheel lip on the car which i do not agree with only ever so slightly the lip is on show want to cover that what tyre size should i go with 225/45/18???? 18 inch not 17 ignore title
  10. suppose all have a preference agreed on parada spec 2s been great tyres all around for me ad08 so so so so good but shite in the wet
  11. need new tyres just had a set of adOR, unreal tyres wanting to try somthing else.. mabys parada spec 2? nankang ns2r or toyo t1r ?? or what else is there? for road use
  12. looking at cobra,sparco and corbeau buckets seats, its my daily any recommendations that use are using from experience you can recommend?
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