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  1. Cheers guys will sort the engine out soon Tim just sorned it for now off the road, if shit keeps happening like this Colin maybe it’s time to move on, will get the car on a ramp in a week or two and come back with an answer hopefully.
  2. No map on it Ollie mate never did get round to putting my ecu on, could I ask please what causes det? It’s definitely a kick in the balls this has happened while I’m still here scratching them thinking how has this happened.
  3. Thanks for the reply lads was driving (just before I pulled up outside my house and noticed it) about 80mph down the dual carriage way, not booting it all all, oil pressure (from the gauge) was still showing normal always the same, although i normally check the oil once a week, when I checked it before bearing spun, oil level was just above bottom line on dipstick, but then topped it back up, due to small oil leak
  4. I’m wondering if anyone could give me some advice please on these 4e-fte engines, my engine was built just under 20k miles ago and recently it has spun a bearing on the crank, and I’m trying to get my head around why, when it was built, everything was done right, pistons/rings, Toyota bearings used, everything was measured right and all tolerances were correct, I used the usual millers oil to run it in, then always used 5w 40 fully synth Mobil 1 oil, I’ve always had a slight oil leak oil pump crank side, (seems most do) so I’m trying to figure out why this has happened, if anyone has go some a
  5. £180 is absolutely crazy to fit any Ecu, what I would do is, leave it in the glove box for now, then attach the harness to the original ecu when you get there, later on whenever find a place to put it, my ecu (on the GT’s) are underneath to the left of the clutch pedal, whatever way you look at it, you have saved the £180 already
  6. Ring up magnecor yourself mate that’s what I did and they sorted me out a blue king lead
  7. How much did fusion motorsport say mate? I have a e-blue ecu aswell, and they said £350 to me on the phone, they are suppose to be good though although td seem to be the recommended choice
  8. Have you not posted it on Facebook mate, at that price I’m surprised it’s still hanging about, payed over £200 for mine so at that price people should be biting your hand off for it
  9. Maybe a long shot guys has anyone please got the standard cat a/c mounting bracket basically to brace my decat,or even best way to make one, need to get this sorted ASAP thankyou lads Pat
  10. I ordered some once mate and they lasted not even a year think that was from japserviceparts, who’s doing them for you, are they being pressed in properly and greased right, also when doing up the driveshaft nut is that at the right torque?
  11. Yes that’s it but make sure your exhaust pipe underneath is 2” wide, also make sure there’s no little cracks or holes in the exhaust too.
  12. Not kicking up a stink here Nick mate, as I agree with you, my car failed twice on emissions last year, and when I showed them this above, they were having none of it, telling me it’s all changed now etc, little fuckers, they still wouldn’t pass it, ended up having to get a sports car welded on in the end.
  13. I’m not surprised mate fair play was a nice colour
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