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  1. Ahh Thanks for replying dude! i need to check back more often I may do the same to mine as it sounds like a bit more of a long term soloution. Glad to hear it wasn't just me at least haha. nice to hear you're enjoying it! Same as with me I was happy with the exhaust and when I've spoken to Mike briefly he's been more than helpful . I put it down to my fitment.. would love to know how he got on though
  2. I bought one of these a while back with a resonator from TD. It sounds great and is built really well. I've had a few compliments about the sound The only problem I had with it is that the rear curve section ended up actually touching the axel slightly (not good when it was vibrating!) I couldnt get it to sit proud and not rub so ended up putting some heatproof silicone on to absorb the vibration and protect the metal which wasn't ideal but more to do with my fitment than the design I'm sure. Guessing by the date of your post its arrived for you now? Im not sure whether it could be simple as using some different rubber hangers but interested to know if you had the same issue and what you did if so?
  3. Hey there buddy. Thanks for the reply. You are correct it is indeed a wind back piston. I was using a homemade tool from a neighbour yesterday but hadn't cracked the bleed nipple. Got it all off again today as a proper wind back tool came through the post so cracked the bleed nipple scratched my knuckles few times, gave it some welly and voila it's turned back in. I pumped it out with the foot pedal to push the piston out a bit again and did the same a few times.. This seems to have loosened it. I've put it all back on and taken it out for a quick razz (tested the brakes obv) And for now at least it seems, all back to normal. Ta again mate
  4. Not sure this shows a lot really but photo if its helpful
  5. Hi guys My car has been sat for a while over winter and the rear offside brake seems to be stuck on I've taken the caliper off and had a look.. The piston doesn't move at all when the brake pedal is pushed so I think this is the issue. any tips for freeing it up without rebuilding the whole thing? also both sliders aren't moving when im pushing them with my fingers, Im not sure these would just to the touch as I've not done my rear brakes before but I have done the front and remember them moving fairly freely if i'm not mistaken? any advice on this would be great as its the only thing stopping me taking it out for a quick blast every now and again! its an 96 glanza if thats any help, photos to follow EDIT - Ok so the piston is moving out when the brake pedal is pushed now, Just really stiff and not going back in.
  6. Yeah I was on about the first one but now that you mention it... Do i need the inner O ring gasket as well as the three pinned one? thanks for looking that up man. It looks pretty simliar but not quite the shape.. you say you have a land rover one? do you think it wont matter if its not an exact fit as long as its all sealed up?
  7. Hi guys been changing my exhaust. I had 3 rusted pins in the final section that i've had to get drilled out and now I need a gasket to fit between the two sections I can't find one anywhere. Does anyone have any clue where sells this shape? thanks
  8. Akayaka - yeah its a glanza v - Thanks for the info man (think you gave me this last year when i needed help so I appreciate you digging it out for me) I looked into this loaaads back then and unfortunately its not legally the case If your Glanza was first used on uk roads on or after 1st July 1995 where the engine code cannot be identified, then it needs to pass the basic cat test. the 0.5% at idle and 0.3% at fast idle one. this changed after the diagram you've pasted came out. - Updated handbook Here - Pages 4 and 12 have the bits on there showing relevent info If your garage is happy to go by the old rules then fairplay man i wish mine would too but they've changed the rules and by the book it now has to be a cat test Literally no chance of me convincing people round here. could travel though! haha
  9. by the way I prob should have mentioned its a 96 model and does have to pass the stricter Emissions tests compared to the years before. I've got 0% chance of getting it through as a non cat test down this way they all say the same thing Had a fun time learning about all that last year haha
  10. Sorry mate I could have just been desciribing it weirdly. does this look more familiar or is mine just an odd one to you? Ill get my emissions results up in a sec but im pretty sure they're testing it the right way
  11. Sup guys My Ep91 has just failed its MOT on emissions (second year in a row ffs emissons!) Turns out my exhaust system has holes in it and i need a new one. The guys at my garage are saying its gonna be everything from the cat back and then also the pipe with a bit of flexi going towards the engine. Ive been looking at TD's cat back system http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=271 but im not sure what to do about this pipe with the flexi! my exhaust system has come fitted on the car from japan. its a bit of a trumpet so wont mind replacing it anyway but not sure if this pipe with the flexi is OE or aftermarket as well Any advice on getting one of these or any other suggestions / info about this exhaust would be class. cheers guys gonna get some photos of this flexi up too
  12. Thanks mate you've helped me out loads on this one so far I appreciate the effort and will have a word with them
  13. Soz to throw a spanner in the works but can i point you guys towards this? http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/forums/showthread.php?p=537449 Looks to be saying because its first registered in japan post 95 it still needs the basic cat test Never thought I'd have this much trouble on this part of the MOT haha. why can't this stuff be black and white!! these cars should be exempt classics in my opinion anyway. buggers!
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