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  1. I have one in the shed somewhere I would sell if you was still looking for one .
  2. You know why now as you text me lol. Going to a BMW or Audi for work purpose :-)
  3. tatep82


    No worries matey thank you
  4. Year:1996/7 Model: Toyota starlet glanza v 1.3 manual Tax: none MOT: 18.1.2015 ...next year Mileage: around 95000 miles clocks are and always have been in km Description: Here is my Toyota Starlet Glanza v 040 white sunroof model I spent a long while looking for the right one to own myself and I thought this was the one! Only problem I have had with the car was the paint was a bit poor and front bumper needed attention I have had her fully re-sprayed and she looks lovely and shines like a good un. Also had a little oil leak which was the sump it wasn't sealed well enough that got re-sealed
  5. Like I said sorry about that I thought the packaging was ok, never said it was in brilliant condition you never asked. Went to the body shop to have cracks filled in a sprayed white, you said you was painting it black this weekend as is booked in at the body shop, you never asked for any pictures and I sold it at a very cheap price as it is a genuine duck tail .very sorry Matt.
  6. Cheers fella. Hope all goes well
  7. Cheers matey! Hope all goes well
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