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  1. Yeah I only bring her out on weekends, works in walking distance, so shes parked outside my house. And then I bring her over my GF house on the weekend to clean it and stuff due to her having a better drive than me.
  2. Oh great mods of UKSO please PM on what I need to do to get my For Sale post accepted. :)

    1. rob_bower


      when was it posted?

  3. Well shit, about time people. It's only parked on one of the the busiest roads in Swansea all the time. Yeah that civic was the GF's, shes always out there cleaning her wheels, that are miles better than mine. I did see an EK shape civic drive past. I'm guessing that was you?
  4. Toyota Starlet Glanza V EP91 1997 Just under 100,000 Miles My beloved Glanza, that I don't really want to lose because it's so fun. But it's time for me to move on and tick another car off my bucket list while I'm young and debt free, I will return one day but maybe in a GT turbo to see what they're like. Modifications: - CT9 Turbo @ 1 Bar - Relocated air filter - Tubular Manifold - HKS Turbo Timer - HKS Adjustable Actuator - HKS SSQV BOV - Shortened Inter-cooler Pipes - Blitz Boost Gauge - 40mm Lowering Springs - 15" Rota Grids - Fibreglass Bonnet - Tinted Windows - HKS Silent Power 3
  5. I'm thinking of selling mine for a Altezza/DC2/S2000, but I'm not sure if i'll regret it. XD
  6. Chinese to go But if I had to choose, it would be KFC
  7. Dropping the microfiber on the floor ​ Straight to the bin with you.
  8. hmmmm how would these get to me without getting scratched up? Just wondering as never really bought pre-painted parts before. And is that £300 posted for both?
  9. I had a dream that I woke up and I heard people smashing up my Glanza outside. There was a large group of chavs, ran out with my massive German Shepherd, who fucked them up.
  10. How are these to drive? Was looking into getting one as a daily before.
  11. I didn't know the Yaris was the spiritual successor to the starlet...... Toyota just need to release one with a turbo charger or a 2zz engine and I'll have one
  12. Luckily for me, my GF is also into jap cars, so we kinda have the same crowd of friends. Makes life a lot easier.
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