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  1. I sure Ive seen a set on Facebook I think the guys name is Sam evans
  2. Indeed good sir, it was a good 8 years ago now but the I'll go through my old hd see if I can dig out a few picks
  3. I've been to autotronix before with my 20v paseo, He knows his stuff. I'm wanting to pay him a visit about mapping my V on the det3. Good to hear he's dealt with starlets before plus its local
  4. Item For Sale:fibreglass reverse scoop Item Condition & Description:pretty good condition but has been painted with a rattle can. Price:30.00 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal or cash on collection, happy to get a postage quote for UK buyers
  5. I bought some cup holders from him, arrived exactly when he said we'll packaged. I would recommend him to anyone Cheers dude
  6. ^^ very very nice dude. out of interest is the power steering pump off in that photo or have you used a blue pulley for something else
  7. Item For Sale: glanza passenger side wing Item Condition & Description:no dents or rust but has a scratch Price:30.00 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal or cash on collection. I would prefer collection.
  8. I got this kit from ebay 291134897029 But there's a really helpful company called biggred I would give them a message either through ebay or directly calipers@biggred.co.uk
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