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  1. I'm coming aswell will be in individual display!
  2. Thanks dude due on update on this will defintely get round to it soon!
  3. Got the go ahead from work so will be booking for on stand on the 20th 😄 Can't wait! Oh nick I got a nice picture of your Glanza by the way! Will post on Instagram and link you and if you like it I can send the full resolution over through email! 😊
  4. Just waiting on word back from work and I shall be booking to be on stand again! Hopefully meet a few more faces this time aswell!
  5. I shall keep a lookout mate will have my camera so will get some snaps of the car 😊 Ah that's fine mate not a problem she can have the seat 😂😂 that would be awesome mate would love that! We will look into it! Where do you stay?
  6. Ah nice mate I can't wait to see it what stand you on? Wish I could come out on track with you I'm desperate to go in a more powerful Glanza 😂
  7. Had a look mate it's an hour and a half in the opposite direction so I guess I'll just see you all there 😂
  8. This car is absolutely gorgeous mate! Definite goals for mine! You coming to japfest? Would love to see it in the flesh!
  9. What time you guys meeting mate? And where abouts because I might do that depends how out of the way it is! What time you planning on getting there? I was going to get there for 7am to avoid queues 😂
  10. Thanks mate looking forward to seeing your red beast too! You heading down the m40? Might end up seeing you on the way could convoy or something! Yeah raised it up a tad as the tyres I have are quite high profile!
  11. Not atall mate just been super busy with work and that! Fine man the rear passenger top bush has split but it's not a big deal I can get a new one from Tein! They work great though man couldn't believe how clean the threads where! The worst part was the alignment after 😂 Have had to order new steering arms 😂
  12. So today was an epic day! Started at 10am and only finished a few hours ago. Fitted my coilovers on the Glanza today and new discs and pads on the rear. I honestly can't believe how much better the car looks lower and I'm so pleased with how it turned out! I took a few snaps throughout the day but not too many as I was using my partners dads garage and didn't have all day to be taking pictures! But here is some pictures of it all starting off with the ride height in the beginning We completely stripped down the coilovers and rebuilt them and cleaned them up! They are Tein Superstreets
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