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Build Thread

Found 32 results

  2. Hello, I have here some odds and sods that I am no longer using. I hope I have priced them about right, do shout if anything is way too steep! Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo/Glanza? Boost Solenoid Sensor - Used/Unknown condition - £20 I bought this a year or so back thinking about fitting it. But alas I never did. Condition unknown but no obvious reasons why it shouldn't work. I bought it for my GT, but I presume they fit Glanzas as well. Not sure. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Rear Wiper Motor Relay - Used/Unknown condition £15 I have no wiper arm/blade so this is surplus. I don't know if it works, never tested it. No obvious reasons why they should fail. Toyota Starlet Auxillary Pulley - Used/Chipped condition - £15 Removed from my Starlet cause I chipped it, then installed another pulley which I chipped anyway. Should work absolutely fine, mines never been an issue. Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo Ash Tray Cigarette Lighter - Used/Unknown condition - £10 Removed from my car before I ever used it. No reason why it shouldn't work. Ash moves just fine. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Gearbox Mount - £10 Removed from my car when I went to polybush, bush looks okay. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Air Box Bracket (I think) - £10 Left on my car when I got it. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Washer Bottle - £10 Removed from my car. Generic Tow Hook - Powdercoated in Candy Red - £10 I bought this, but never used it. It's "red" underneath, but looked more pink. So I had it coated in Candy red. Looks nice, but I don't want it fitted any more. Toyota Starlet EP82 Headlights JDM Pair - £80 I have literally just received these from Japan. They are lovely glass lense lights, however they are ever so slightly smaller than GT lights. You'd be hard pressed to tell them apart, other than the glass lenses. I reckon with a little bit of fabricating, these could be used to replace the plastic GT Lights. These cost me a great deal to get into the UK, hence price. A small piece of plastic at the back has been chipped. See photos. All payments via PayPal, please don't gift and don't worry about fees. Prices all include postage to UK mainland, NI and Ireland I will need to get quotes. All items are currently listed on eBay so they may sell else where which I will have to honour. Any questions please ask. Photos....
  3. im after some seats for my EP91 what have people got for sale ?
  4. Item For Sale: P9 Carat taillights. Item Condition & Description: Used but in fair condition. Complete with uncut wiring & plugs. Paint is scratched and so are the chrome-colored rings around the lenses. Would need re-paining to make them 100% again.(but then again it would probably need that anyway to match your car) Price: €95,- + shipping Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: Cusco MFU (tunable ECU) for the 2E-E engine Item Condition & Description: Used but in good condition. Based on the 89661-10010 ECU. This is a earlier but more advanced version of the Mines/SARD/Blitz ECU as you can tweak it after installation. I extracted the data from the EPROM to see if I didn't receive a blank one but there is indeed still data on it. Comes including instructions (in Japanese) and is almost equal in setup then the MFU for the 4A-GE version. Note this one uses 3 plugs so to wire it up for your EU 2E-E you probably have to modify some wiring as the EU Starlets came with a 2 plug ECU on the 2E-E (at least in the Netherlands they did) Setting can be changed using the DIP and rotary switches. A quick translation of the settings: (numbers are the DIP switch numbers) 1 Enable (off) or disable (on) Lambda input 2 Enable (on) Cusco ignition timing map (off)= standard map 3 & 4 work in combination: on-on / off-off / on-off / off-on to select 4 different programs: N1: Normal Engine NH: Performance cam SN: Supercharged TN: Turbocharged 5 Enable fuel change (on) no fuel change= (off) 6 Rich (on) lean (off) 7 & 8 work in combination and in combination with switches 5 & 6: on-on 5% / on-off 10% / off-on 20% / off-off 40% (so 5 on 6 off 7 & 8 on would give 5% lean on the "under load" map) 9 Enables idle fueling to be set by volume (on) use in conjunction with the potentiometer screw and switch no. 1 on 10 stays off Price: €325,- + shipping Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: Armrest box grey. Item Condition & Description: Used but in good condition. Meant for the Yaris Funcargo P20 series (Yaris Verso in the EU) but the armrest box is the same as the one for the Starlet P/P9, Yaris P10, Sera and several more models. You simply need to fabricate your own bracket as this one won't fit the Starlet, hence the price. Price: €45,- + shipping Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: Blitz carbon clad instrument panel EP82 for the glove compartment. Item Condition & Description: Brand new, box only opened for the sake of taking pictures. This panel consists of a metal bracket with a sheet of carbon on top. The panel offers space for 3x 52mm meters, 2 turbo timers and a boost controller. (no instruments included) Complete with manual, mounting hardware and stickers. Fit's only the EP82 glove box. Price: €120,- + shipping Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: EP82 rear ABS sensor L+R Item Condition & Description: Used, working when taken of the car (as in no ABS warning light on). Left over from when I did my rear disc brake conversion. Price: €45- + shipping. Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: New Toyota air filter. Item Condition & Description: Brand new. For the P7 diesel engines. (and a few other Toyota models as well) Part number: 17801-74010 Price: €14- + shipping. Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: TRD Multi-ECU Item Condition & Description: Used but comes with original box and manual. For the 2E-E / 2E-T / 4A-GE 16V engines. TRD part number: 89661-SP051 This ECU has various mappings for each specific camshaft from TRD. settings for eacht group can be set with the DIP switches inside the ECU. Fine tuning can be done with the 4 dials from the cabin, Price: €525- + shipping. Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: Toyota Multibox.. Item Condition & Description: 3 drawer, 1DIN box. Drawers are of the push-to-open, push-to-close type. The larger drawer front is hinged for easy access to whatever you are string in there. All drawers are lined to avoid rattle of coins ect in the car. (card drawer only lined on the side) Unit is in overall good condition, easy to install with a few small screws (not included) Price: €115- + shipping Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible.
  5. Good decent hybrid or ball bearing turbo wanted cheers
  6. Item For Sale: Glanza S + Starlet rear light Item Condition & Description: Perfect condition Price: 15+p&p Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal Item for sale glanza S starlet ecu s Condition perfect Price 15 Pictures Item for sale various switches and buttons Condition all good Price 2.50 each Pictures Item for sale glanza V ignition barrel and 2 original keys Condition perfect working order Price 50 Pictures Loads more bits and pieces too add Will get them all up tomorrow
  7. Wanted hybrid ct9 tongs or blitz k1 cash waiting
  8. I've got a Tuning Developments TD04 Ex Wastegate manifold which is made of cheese, and continues to crack despite several re-welds and braces added. I've had enough of it, and want to swap it out for something better made. Is it likely I can just get one from WEPR or Zisco etc, and swap it like for like, or will I need to get a whole new downpipe too? Cheers for any help Al
  9. ****postage will be standard irsh post unless buyer wants registered or express post, please state this before payment is made**** Item For Sale: electric windows switches RH/LH Item Condition & Description: removed from a 98 glanza, both are fully working with no damage or marks at all Price:30 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: add paypal fee plus 8quid postage irish standard or tracked postage which ever the buyer prefers Item For Sale: various buttons/switches Item Condition & Description:all in perfect condition Price:5 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:add paypal fee plus 2 quid postage Item For Sale:rear light bulb holders 2 double contact 2 single contact Item Condition & Description:all in perfect working order (NOT A COMPLETE SET) can sell separately Price: 99quid each offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal Item For Sale: Passenger side door handle Item Condition & Description: removed from 98 glanza very light scratches on surface (not noticeable when on car ) Price: 15 Pictures: Item For Sale: 4efe ecus Item Condition & Description: both fully working 1 ecu is from uk starlet and the other is from 98 glanza S Price:15 and 20 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:fuel cap Item Condition & Description:removed from 98 glanza Price :10 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:rear shock top mount covers Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:10 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_170147_zpsyf9ujcel.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 3 quid postage Item For Sale:speakers came on rear shelf of a glanza i had for breaking Item Condition & Description:not sure what they are worth if anything as they are quite ugly ha only reason im putting them up is ive seen them in a couple of glanzas on goo-net and other import sites,and have been wired in professionally looks like it came from the factory maybe? i dont know if anyone knows anything about them fell free to fill us in Price:99 offers Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165429_zps0d04yxal.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: oem ashtray Item Condition & Description:looks very clean Price: 10 Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165650_zpsisx3u2cn.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165645_zps7evqgxfz.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 4 quid for postage Item For Sale:bonnet hinges Item Condition & Description: perfect working order Price: 5 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165218_zpsly3ratrg.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 5 quid for post Item For Sale:rear lights X2 Item Condition & Description: both sets are in mint condition 1 set is from irish starlet other set is from glanza 96 spec Price:15/25 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165118_zpsnwmxwhdi.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 10 postage Item For Sale: driver clear indicator Item Condition & Description: clip is broke, would sell lens only Price:99offers Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164111_zpstnihkdjj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: 4efe manifolds Item Condition & Description:both are in perfect working order Price: 15 each Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164319_zpseolhm0tj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus postage will have to check that as these are heavy enough Item For Sale:rear brake light oem Item Condition & Description: all lights are working but one screw hole had a piece broken off still works perfect and is held in position fine (NOT NOTICEABLE WHEN ON CAR ) Price: 99 offers Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163641_zpsevfhfiab.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163653_zpslg1c6ks4.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 4 quid postage Item For Sale:ignition barrel plus 2 original keys Item Condition & Description:perfect working order both keys work in ignition Price:30 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162718_zps0039cv2s.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162731_zps9m4ctsf3.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal have loads more bits and pieces to add just have to get more pictures will try get them up tonight at some stage
  10. Item For Sale: GT28 turbo kit. would sell the manifold downpipe screamer combo separate and pretty cheap if someone wants to make me an offer. Item Condition & Description: Brandnew/Like new. Price: 805 posted. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: included Phil
  11. shaeeb


    Hi guys, I'm after a TD12, hopefully in very good condition. Does anyone want to part ways with theirs? Cheers
  12. Hey guys here we go again lol. Story so far. original turbo started to smoke when engine got hot.obvious prognosis knackered turbo.defo not a breathing issue as have filtered rocker cover outlet and taken the rear one to a catch can then to atmosphere and blanked inlet manifold.Went and picked up a supposedly good secondhand unit which i fitted then after first drive had oil blowing out of dump valve and smoking from exhaust. Took it back off again and took front turbine housing off. Full of oil but rear of turbo looked ok. So replaced front seal and put back onto car.in the meantime also found a crack in the exhaust manifold so something else to sort out! anyhow took her out again yesterday after refitting the turbo and hey presto pumping oil out of dump valve again.just want to check there nothing else could be at fault?? Pretty sure its turbo as didnt have the dump valve issue on original turbo. sorry its bit of a mini novel but wanted to give as much info as poss!
  13. 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰 Item For Sale:Apexi turbo timer SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Was only used for a couple of months Price:35 posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:Registered tracked postage, paypal with 4% fee or as gift Item for sale: Hks speed limit defender Condition : used but in perfect working order Price: 40 posted Pictures: Postage / payment: Paypal as gift or add 4% fee, 1st class registered tracked postage
  14. Hi again,looking for some advise and maybe some cofirmation on what i believe to be a turbo issue. Car has been running fine until a few days ago when at a set of lights i noticed smoke from the exhaust. Car still running fine and have pulled it into my garage between jobs to take off intercooler and pipe work. Too my surprise ic pipes and throttle body are oil free so could it possibly be the pcv or obviously the turbo!! the issue so far only seems to occur when engine is hot and is not consistent or when engine is cold. its defo oil as can smell it and had turbo blow on my renault 5 a few yrs ago. So just wondered if any other ideas that i can look into before its new turbo time lol!!! Have a decat to fit so gonna hang fire just in case i have to do it all at same time. many thanks again for all the input you guys have given so far on my starlet journey haha.
  15. Year:1996 Model: Starlet Glanza V Tax: 30/11/14 MOT: May '15 Mileage: 108,000 Description: This is my second silver Glanza and I've had the car for around a year and a half and I've decided to sell up. Now looking for something a bit bigger which is why I'm looking at getting a nice MR2 Turbo! It is a sunroof version which is quite rare and is a pleasure in the summer. I used to do Chinese deliveries and never once had a problem, so it shows that this car is very reliable. Most of the parts came on the car when I bought it but I changed the exhaust system and I have upgraded the turbo to a TD04L-13T and all the necessary parts to run the bigger turbo. The car is running at 1 bar as I don't want to be compromising reliability from the stock engine. I used to have a ct9 running at 1 bar but obviously that just wasn't enough for me and ran out of puff so that was the reason I decided to get a bigger turbo. Feel free to ask any questions about the car also. Mods are as follows: TD04L-13t Toyosports Mild Steel Manifold + Decat TM Developments Braided Oil Line Polyflex Engine Mounts Competition Clutch Stage 4 (6 Puk) (Sprung) HKS Catback Full Stainless Steel Hi-Power Silent Exhaust System Toyosports FMIC HKS FCD Sard RRFPR Walbro Fuel Pump SSQV BOV Magnecor Blue Ignition Leads TRD Oil Cap Toyosports Dual Core Half Size Radiator (1 1/2 months old) Manual Boost Controller (spring + ball bearing) Meister R Coilovers Tanabe Rear Strut Brace (think they are rare, not sure) Megane Front Splitter Team Dynamics Pro Race 2 15" Wheels in Custom Paint Calipers Painted in Blue EBC Yellowstuff Pads 2x Cobra Monaco S Blue Bucket Seats 2x OMP Blue Harnesses TRD Floor Mats Manual Boost Controller (Ball and Spring) Autogauge Boost Gauge (Not the best but does the job) Door Cards are now suede where the cloth was Front Door Card Speakers Front Tweeters in Pillar Sony Xplod Head Unit Sony Xplod 12" Subwoofer Sony Xplod Amp Rear Fully Stripped Out (Still have all stock seats, trimmings and space saver to go too) 100 Watt 5000k Xenon Headlight Bulbs (Not the stupid HID's) 7w Cree Led Sidelights 5w Cree Led Reverse Bulbs 5w Led Number Plate Bulbs Bad Points: Slight lacquer peel on offside rear quarter panel but no rust or anything. Recently got a scratch under offside door lock but think it could be polished possibly or touched up. Think it is the offside CV joint is slightly noisey but it is fine to drive. Only makes a noise when maneuvering to park. Pictures: Price: £2600 Contact Details: Just give me a PM or a text on 07880355434 Thank you for looking and I hope to hear from some of you
  16. DEFI CONTROLLER Item Condition & Description: FULLY WORKING ORDER - WILL COME WITH DFI GAUGE ALSO Price: £150 ONO.. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: CASH ON COLLECTION OR CAN POST
  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121310210148?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  18. Well sadly the time has came to sell all the parts stockpiled to make my starlet fast as feck. Take advantage and get some nice parts WEPR GODZILLA TURBO KIT Comes with everything needed to run full kit mild steel equal length manifold gt2860 garrett turbo meshed inlet oil and water lines downpipe modified to run front exit exhaust Comes with front exit exhaust needs a small bit of work to fix a hole in the piping http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/turbokit_zps4a887827.jpg.html http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/IMG_0093_zps079c3482.jpg.html http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/IMG_0096_zpsf82c5bb8.jpg.html £800 delivered more pictures available RACE SPEC ROCKER COVER -08 fittings powder coated black http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0086_zps31c427b7.jpg £100 delivered CUSTOM CATCH CAN fits the rocker cover looks great installed http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0097_zps5b423d73.jpg £40 delivered POWDERCOATED INLET MANIFOLD powder coated black http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0088_zps27c5867e.jpg £80 delivered POWDERCOATED THROTTLEBODY powder coated black http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0088_zps27c5867e.jpg £35 delivered TUNING DEVELOPMENTS THROTTLEBODY PULLEY http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0088_zps27c5867e.jpg £30 delivered 330CC FUEL INJECTORS working fine flow fuel http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0088_zps27c5867e.jpg £100 delivered SARD FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR comes with lines to connect it to fuel rail and connect fuel rail from filter http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0087_zps0f267d39.jpg £100 delivered BLITZ DECAT cast iron indestructible ct9 decat http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/The%20glanza/DSCF0204.jpg £150 DEFI ADVANCE CONTROL UNIT needed to run the cr gauges up to 7 can be connected http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/defi1.jpg £100 delivered DEFI CR EGT GAUGE 52mm amber illumination white face brand new http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0114_zps8b2195cf.jpg £150 delivered DEFI CR BOOST GAUGE 52mm amber illumination white face brand new http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0114_zps8b2195cf.jpg £130 delivered RAYS WHEEL NUTS anodised blue suitable for starlet brand new never fitted http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk134/thunderpantsep91/IMG_0106_zps8383cbae.jpg £100 delivered
  19. Hello looking for a full td04 kit to bolt straight on to my starlet. let me knoww what you have.
  20. I wasnt going to do this for the simple fact that I dont like bad mouthing people and cant be bothered with the hassle that it brings but if I had read about the experience I have had before I sent my car there I wouldnt have took it. Basicaly I did my head gasket in doing a track day and instead of fixing it I decided I was going to go forged so I rang two companys one of which been race-tech and the other been another reputable tuner. Race-tech qouted me 8 weeks aposed the the 10 that the other quoted so i decided to go with race-tech. I drove the car down there in the state that it was in (obviously making it worse) and left it with him. Cut the story short the car was with him for 8 months (2 of which was my own doing as i couldnt pay for the car) instead of 8 weeks like he quoted me. I obviously know that the time he quoted me to do the car wouldnt be exact but if you take away the 2 months I couldnt pay for the car that is triple the time he said. Whenever I tried to get hold of Race-tech he would not answer the phone or reply to my messages and whenever he did speak to me it would be to tell me that one of my existing parts is broken or not good enough making the bill go higher yet other people i spoke to seemed to think these patts were fine. I found it quite hard to get prices off him (as though he did not want me to know how much it cost until the end) and i also thought he was quite arrogant and spoke to me as though I was a chimp. In the end it got to the point where I asked to get my car back not running and finish it myself as the bill was going to be to large if he was to do it meaning the car now has no warranty or guarantee etc. I also asked him to take as many pictures as he could of the rebuild so I had a bit more proof that my engine was forged and as you can imagine because after 8 months I wanted to see how my car was doing. He told me he took loads but the only ones that I received from him were a picture of the bare block an oil pump and an oil pump on the block. I appreciate that he is a tuner and not a photographer but when he said loads I assumed more and better than them. When I got the car back there was a puddle of brown sludge in the boot where he had thrown my radiator and various other parts in the boot carelessly as shown below. Due to this been in the boot of the car for so long my bride seats and various other interior parts have now gone mouldy and the car stinks. I was missing the centre section part of my exhaust and radiator brackets which i had to take the 4 hour round trip to collect and am still missing 2 centre caps a rocker cover gasket an exhaust manifold to head gasket and an oil feed for my turbo possibly more yet and he has left my old oil filter on the car bearing in mind that when I got there the car was so hot that the ht leads had melted in half the dizzy cap, cambelt cover and various other plastic parts had melted off like they where chewing gum. We arranged three weeks ago to have the missing oil feed and various other parts delivered and I have tried contacting him for the past 3 weeks to speak about the other missing parts however he is not replying to me as usual. Basically the service I received from him was in my opinion the worst service I have ever received from any company ever and would not wish it upon anyone. The workmanship isn't great neither like i said the engine has the skanky old oil filter on it the guys meant to be one of the best tuners around what's all that about? Various other parts of the build make me question how long this engine is actually going to last for! There's probably loads that I have missed out or forgot about but i hope this gives people an insight of what you could be letting yourself in for and its not just me who has been treat like this neither a good friend of mine has also been treat the same way however I don't want to mention his name in case he doesn't want me to. Please don't jump on the band wagon or do the opposite commenting on this post slating him or saying he's great I haven't wrote this for an argument I've wrote it to warn people. You might be treat differently I don't know I'm just telling my story if anyone would like to talk to me about it please pm me don't put it on here. Thanks, Jordan
  21. Just making a thread to keep update's on my Red ★Toyota Starlet EP91 nothing major but i just wanted to make it look smart. - Alloys - Glanza Boot - Few little other bits.. which i will list once finished! - Import Reg Plate ( Bike exhaust needs taking off lol, reason put on there is because MOT and all i had at the time as backbox has massive rust hole) - Before After: Still waiting on bumpers,skirts and bonnet to be sprayed + then will have the Coilovers arriving next week sometime hopefully! !
  22. Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 CZT/Turbo 2006 Under 60k Miles Someone might like? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121295463835?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  23. ★Toyota Starlet GT EP82 OnRoad/Project★ I purchased another Starlet for a little project, while i use my daily EP91 N/A ★ Nothing Major But Here Is The Car Spec: 87,000miles Greedy Boost Controller/Computer • ARP head bolt set • Full head gasket set • Tuning development Low temp thermo • Civic radiator with silicone hose • Aftermarket cheap cone air filter • CT9 turbo with waste gate ported to prevent boost creep • Gizzmo electronic boost controller • Stainless steel braided turbo oil lines • Magnacore blue HT leads • Racetech Stainless steel exhaust manifold • Aftermarket Stainless steel decat • Japspeed full exhaust system • Aftermarket front mount intercooler with custom short route piping • Air conditioning has been removed • The car is lowered on PI lowering springs and KYB shocks. • Aftermarket alloy wheels 15 Inch • Tom’s style grille ★ BHP - Yet to be mapped + Dyno Run. ★ Bought this Starlet for a Little Project, even tho its on the road and passed MOT smoothly. ★ Im 18 and have a Toyota Starlet EP91 N/A Turbo, which i will make look like a Glanza soon waiting on parts to arrive! Used to own a " Starlet Spotif " with the Gt Engine in it with just over 200BHP 1.0 Bar boost which i now have sold due to Vehcile itself was in very bad condition , only good for the engine! ★ Mum+Dad have had Starlets for 13 Years now, so i have grown up to them and much prefer the Starlet over the glanza personally! 3 Starlets since i turned 17 and did my test Septempber 2013! For my age i think i know quite a bit about them, because growing up with my dad doing things to them since i was very young have learnt a fair amount! Some Photos Of The Car:) I wish to attend the Jap Fest! So i need to hurry up and crack on! Will update post, when stuff has been changed part wise! Thanks guys DRiiFTiE
  24. Saw you coming the other way up Bedford hill last week, dark green H reg MK1 GT looked immaculate and standard, was in my BMW 325i so you probably wouldn't have noticed me. Are you on here?
  25. Item For Sale: Apexi Power FC Item Condition & Description: Used, Came off an EVO 8 No hand commander. Price: £300 will take offers, nothing silly please Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details I'll post anywhere except Ireland and abroad. Cheers
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