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  1. 4e td05 14b greddy top mount turbo kit for sale. The turbo was rebuilt with a new core and has done about 300 miles since rebuild while i run the engine in. It is a zisco kit with external wastegate. Its a greddy td05 14b the tag on the turbo was removed by the previous owner. What is included is the manifold and downpipe to suit a 4e. Greddy td05 14b turbo. Genuine new greddy turbo gaskets fitted. Intercooler cold side pipe to meet up to a hdi intercooler or similair. External wastegate (reconditioned before) and screamer and oil feed line. Does not include air intake. Will bolt up to a
  2. Hello, I have here some odds and sods that I am no longer using. I hope I have priced them about right, do shout if anything is way too steep! Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo/Glanza? Boost Solenoid Sensor - Used/Unknown condition - £20 I bought this a year or so back thinking about fitting it. But alas I never did. Condition unknown but no obvious reasons why it shouldn't work. I bought it for my GT, but I presume they fit Glanzas as well. Not sure. Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Rear Wiper Motor Relay - Used/Unknown condition £15 I have no wiper arm/blade so this is surplus. I don't know if it works,
  3. im after some seats for my EP91 what have people got for sale ?
  4. Item For Sale: P9 Carat taillights. Item Condition & Description: Used but in fair condition. Complete with uncut wiring & plugs. Paint is scratched and so are the chrome-colored rings around the lenses. Would need re-paining to make them 100% again.(but then again it would probably need that anyway to match your car) Price: €95,- + shipping Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Parts are located in the Netherlands but I can ship worldwide with insurance, tracking and proof of delivery. Pickup is also possible. Item For Sale: Cusc
  5. Good decent hybrid or ball bearing turbo wanted cheers
  6. Item For Sale: Glanza S + Starlet rear light Item Condition & Description: Perfect condition Price: 15+p&p Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal Item for sale glanza S starlet ecu s Condition perfect Price 15 Pictures Item for sale various switches and buttons Condition all good Price 2.50 each Pictures Item for sale glanza V ignition barrel and 2 original keys Condition perfect working order Price 50 Pictures Loads more bits and pieces too add Will get them all up tomorrow
  7. Wanted hybrid ct9 tongs or blitz k1 cash waiting
  8. I've got a Tuning Developments TD04 Ex Wastegate manifold which is made of cheese, and continues to crack despite several re-welds and braces added. I've had enough of it, and want to swap it out for something better made. Is it likely I can just get one from WEPR or Zisco etc, and swap it like for like, or will I need to get a whole new downpipe too? Cheers for any help Al
  9. ****postage will be standard irsh post unless buyer wants registered or express post, please state this before payment is made**** Item For Sale: electric windows switches RH/LH Item Condition & Description: removed from a 98 glanza, both are fully working with no damage or marks at all Price:30 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: add paypal fee plus 8quid postage irish standard or tracked postage which ever the buyer prefers Item For Sale: various buttons/switches Item Condition & Description:all in perfect condition Price:5 Pictures:
  10. Item For Sale: GT28 turbo kit. would sell the manifold downpipe screamer combo separate and pretty cheap if someone wants to make me an offer. Item Condition & Description: Brandnew/Like new. Price: 805 posted. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: included Phil
  11. shaeeb


    Hi guys, I'm after a TD12, hopefully in very good condition. Does anyone want to part ways with theirs? Cheers
  12. Hey guys here we go again lol. Story so far. original turbo started to smoke when engine got hot.obvious prognosis knackered turbo.defo not a breathing issue as have filtered rocker cover outlet and taken the rear one to a catch can then to atmosphere and blanked inlet manifold.Went and picked up a supposedly good secondhand unit which i fitted then after first drive had oil blowing out of dump valve and smoking from exhaust. Took it back off again and took front turbine housing off. Full of oil but rear of turbo looked ok. So replaced front seal and put back onto car.in the meantime also foun
  13. 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰 Item For Sale:Apexi turbo timer SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Was only used for a couple of months Price:35 posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:Registered tracked postage, paypal with 4% fee or as gift Item for sale: Hks speed limit defender Condition : used but in perfect working order Price: 40 posted Pictures: Postage / payment: Paypal as gift or add
  14. Hi again,looking for some advise and maybe some cofirmation on what i believe to be a turbo issue. Car has been running fine until a few days ago when at a set of lights i noticed smoke from the exhaust. Car still running fine and have pulled it into my garage between jobs to take off intercooler and pipe work. Too my surprise ic pipes and throttle body are oil free so could it possibly be the pcv or obviously the turbo!! the issue so far only seems to occur when engine is hot and is not consistent or when engine is cold. its defo oil as can smell it and had turbo blow on my renault 5 a f
  15. Year:1996 Model: Starlet Glanza V Tax: 30/11/14 MOT: May '15 Mileage: 108,000 Description: This is my second silver Glanza and I've had the car for around a year and a half and I've decided to sell up. Now looking for something a bit bigger which is why I'm looking at getting a nice MR2 Turbo! It is a sunroof version which is quite rare and is a pleasure in the summer. I used to do Chinese deliveries and never once had a problem, so it shows that this car is very reliable. Most of the parts came on the car when I bought it but I changed the exhaust system and I have upgraded the turbo to a T
  16. DEFI CONTROLLER Item Condition & Description: FULLY WORKING ORDER - WILL COME WITH DFI GAUGE ALSO Price: £150 ONO.. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: CASH ON COLLECTION OR CAN POST
  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121310210148?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  18. Well sadly the time has came to sell all the parts stockpiled to make my starlet fast as feck. Take advantage and get some nice parts WEPR GODZILLA TURBO KIT Comes with everything needed to run full kit mild steel equal length manifold gt2860 garrett turbo meshed inlet oil and water lines downpipe modified to run front exit exhaust Comes with front exit exhaust needs a small bit of work to fix a hole in the piping http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/turbokit_zps4a887827.jpg.html http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/IMG_0093_zps079c3482.jpg.html http:
  19. Hello looking for a full td04 kit to bolt straight on to my starlet. let me knoww what you have.
  20. I wasnt going to do this for the simple fact that I dont like bad mouthing people and cant be bothered with the hassle that it brings but if I had read about the experience I have had before I sent my car there I wouldnt have took it. Basicaly I did my head gasket in doing a track day and instead of fixing it I decided I was going to go forged so I rang two companys one of which been race-tech and the other been another reputable tuner. Race-tech qouted me 8 weeks aposed the the 10 that the other quoted so i decided to go with race-tech. I drove the car down there in the state that it was in
  21. Just making a thread to keep update's on my Red ★Toyota Starlet EP91 nothing major but i just wanted to make it look smart. - Alloys - Glanza Boot - Few little other bits.. which i will list once finished! - Import Reg Plate ( Bike exhaust needs taking off lol, reason put on there is because MOT and all i had at the time as backbox has massive rust hole) - Before After: Still waiting on bumpers,skirts and bonnet to be sprayed + then will have the Coilovers arriving next week sometime hopefully! !
  22. Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 CZT/Turbo 2006 Under 60k Miles Someone might like? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121295463835?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  23. ★Toyota Starlet GT EP82 OnRoad/Project★ I purchased another Starlet for a little project, while i use my daily EP91 N/A ★ Nothing Major But Here Is The Car Spec: 87,000miles Greedy Boost Controller/Computer • ARP head bolt set • Full head gasket set • Tuning development Low temp thermo • Civic radiator with silicone hose • Aftermarket cheap cone air filter • CT9 turbo with waste gate ported to prevent boost creep • Gizzmo electronic boost controller • Stainless steel braided turbo oil lines • Magnacore blue HT leads • Racetech Stainless steel exhaust manifold • Aftermarket Stainless steel de
  24. Saw you coming the other way up Bedford hill last week, dark green H reg MK1 GT looked immaculate and standard, was in my BMW 325i so you probably wouldn't have noticed me. Are you on here?
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