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  1. I’ve got 6 wires going to the n/a distributor 4pin plug and 2 pin plug on the glanza ecu I’ve only got a 4 pin plug. So far I’ve chopped the old 2 plugs off and put the glanza distributor plug on(without it being connected to the circuit) not too sure which wire to connect to which pin n what happens with the remaining 2 wires from n/a loom N/a 4 pin connector blue green yellow white/black N/a 2pin connector black/white/black Glanza 4pin connector blue green white red. That was the other question he asked me to ask for...
  2. I’ve chopped of the ecu plugs (engine&dash) of the n/a loom and chopped of the 3 glanza ecu plugs of the glanza engine harness and glanza dash loom now I’m using the 3 glanza ecu plugs and connecting the pins to the n/a engine and dash loom (matching the pins) I’ve managed to match up everything apart from 2 pins which are 1 and 15 from the n/a engine loom n not to sure to which glanza pin they go to. N/a engine loom Pin 1 rotary solenoid close-cold idle speed control N/a engine loom pin 15 heated oxygen sensor.
  3. A friend of mine is the middle of a 4efe to 4efe-t...the problem he has atm is... If any one can help... Glanza ecu connector 1 pin 10 and 11 what do they connect to.. N/a starlet 16 pin connector pin 1 and 15. Anyways around these.. Thanks guys.
  4. Aquired engine and dash loom
  5. Yes mate, I need all of the looms
  6. Also require clean front bumper and bonnet depends what you guys got for sale..
  7. Require a 96 glanza v manual engine loom (uncut) with fuse box.
  8. Let me know if you still want the clocks cheers 

  9. can i ask mate do you have to change the interior loom also? meaning the dash one in a sportif engine swap with a 4efte... its just that I've swaped the engine and all looms so im bit stuck.. regarding the loom il take it if the price is oryt ;)
  10. Glanza v manual 1996 full engine loom + indicator looms.required for my project un-cut with fuse box etc..
  11. lovely little car, unabused low Milage!! Ebay link.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-Sportif-1997-57k-miles-o-a-p-owned-Sunroof-Ltd-Edition-/302365496671?
  12. Cheap pair of cams for 4efte. Ebay link.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-glanza-camshafts-4efte-starlet-gt-/302341411438?
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