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  1. When they finally get released here in Ireland they will just shy of €50k which is a bit steep
  2. You must have a left hand drive? There is an irish EP70 group on Facebook that might be able to help. Is this any help? https://www.online-teile.com/toyota-ersatzteile/6749610030_Abdeckung/Rahmen.html?language=en
  3. The part number is 67496-10030 the part is discontinued from Toyota but try Google the part number or search the part number on ebay and see if anything puts up. Might be worth calling a Toyota dealer but might be a long shot
  4. I might have one, will check in the morning
  5. Excellent work. Have a few of those gauges in my car, other than getting them fitted in pod they seem pretty good quality
  6. From a quick search there's figures of 5.31ft wide and 12.46ft long, how accurate they are I don't know
  7. Instead of a relay you could just wire it to a switch, have an in line fuse and should be fine
  8. I used Levin twin pot calipers, Mr2 discs and E10 Corolla carriers. Had to do a tiny bit of grinding but all bolted up perfectly
  9. https://flos.ie/shop/starlet-ep70-rear-spoiler/
  10. Nice base to start off with. I do think 205 black is the best colour for them
  11. The loom cost €100, I don't know if the fella is still making them or not but I've one I'm not using if your interested ? If you can pick up a full Glanza for the right money that's what I'd do. Would make life a bit easier
  12. Its actually not that much work. I used the glanza ECU,ignitor,coil, had a loom made to run the engine with a positive and negative to get the loom working,used the original starter,alternator etc and had the original loom working these parts. Used aftermarket gauges for oil temp,oil pressure,water temp etc. Used the Glanza drives,wishbones,brakes,discs etc. Used the glanza fuel pump in the original tank but it can run dry if you corner hard as theres no baffles in the original tank but you'd be better off with a better set up as it's a bit of a pain
  13. Haven't updated this is a long. Really need to get it out and give it a proper clean. Few small bits and pieces to do like paint the back bumper,seat rails and the odd part here and there. Pretty much how it's looking now
  14. I think the lot number on the top left should be facing up so that would be the right way
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