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  1. You did well I cant find them anywhere, where did you come across it
  2. Sound Chris I appreciate the help, good man. Did it cost you much to get that loom made up? Also if I go doing the conversion by the sounds of it I'm best off get a glanza donor car? Where abouts in Ireland are you based I'd love to get a look at your car after the coronavirus gives over 😂
  3. Chris when you were putting in the 4efte, did u use the ecu off your old glanza and use the glanza loom for the engine and starlet look for the rest of the car? I'm just after buying an ep71 and want to convert to 4efte all information would be appreciated. I've a bit off work ahead of me 🤣
  4. Hi starletezy, is this thread still up to date and if so can you ship parts to Ireland?
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