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  1. The is mate. Yeah well all rods in the market weren’t good enough to be honest. None of them had enough cooling or oiling properties
  2. The Titanium 4E rods are finally finished. 3 years in the making!
  3. Yeqh. I have only done 543km on mine. Can’t see me 👩‍⚕️ Can’t see me driving it much till I know we are not getting any limited edition version here in australia. Toyota Australia have stopped all orders now.
  4. I can’t actually see them going down in price at all really. I got offered 70k for mine already because it was number 8 lucky number in Chinese. the bubble is to keep all the shit out and it circulates air 5 times a hour. I live by the ocean. Salt in the are used bad here. Rusts everything. So I store it in this. And it keeps the mice and spiders out.
  5. Still on my shelf. Hks fuel rail and cusco cam gear
  6. Basically a modern starlet but on another level. Not actually much bigger either. It’s good tho. I don’t drive it tho. It lives in that bubble. Might drive it in a few years when I move of a isolated island
  7. i have the car now. i have had it for 4 months. pretty sure i have not been on here in a long time so ill post some photos BDFF74B0-C4EC-4D69-912E-60AFAB702779.heic EBA778D8-912C-4753-848A-B3A24FEEE592.heic
  8. Mine Gets here in may the dealer said, and aussie rallye edition
  9. Well I pre ordered a limited rallye edition that’s only sold in australia, so it up in the air atm but they started selling the base model today, the one or ordered, they are only makes 250
  10. These a bloody epic, you should see the the engine blue prints
  11. Well I don’t have it yet, just put down a deposit
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