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Build Thread

Found 18 results

  1. Wanted: Aftermarket lsd box (quaife or cusco preferably) must be in full working order. 4efte block Boost, oil pressure, oil temp and a/f with wideband.
  2. Looking for a Stand alone ECU (with loom / adapters ect) open to various different options. Aftermarket LSD, preferably 1.5 way Cusco but all options considered Also possibly interested in a 4efte bare block if anyone has one lying about
  3. Item For Sale: Standard 4efte injectors Item Condition & Description: Excellent working condition. Price: £22 posted/tracked paypal gift £23 posted/tracked paypal goods Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal gift or goods, posted and tracked.
  4. Item For Sale: Wiseco 74.5mm Pistons and SCAT Rods Item Condition & Description: Used and removed from my forged 4e due to valve guide wear (and breaking it) Excellent condition, no burn or bluing to the rods, rings and ringlands all good although obviously worth measuring the ring gaps before you re-use them. Might be good to go but obviously worth a quick gap measure. Rods come with the ARP bolts. New ring sets arent expensive and easy to buy. Ring set code is 2933xc, if you want to check. Any wiseco supplier in the uk will supply them, just contact them with the code. Also availabl
  5. after a full engine gearbox and turbo basically I'm after a full setup to go in my N/A EP91
  6. **SOLD** Item For Sale: JPerformance T25/T28 Manifold (4EFTE) Item Condition & Description: It's never been used but has been opened, still got the original box, just missing one washer. Comes with both gaskets. Price: £60 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Free postage (Will send UK only). Or collection from Northampton/Milton Keynes.
  7. Item For Sale: GT28 turbo kit. would sell the manifold downpipe screamer combo separate and pretty cheap if someone wants to make me an offer. Item Condition & Description: Brandnew/Like new. Price: 805 posted. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: included Phil
  8. It's obviously an aftermarket inlet manifold before that one pops up lol but does anyone know who made it or anything about it? Who made it? Who's was it? The only thing that I know about it so far is that I bought it about a year ago to fit it to my glanza. it bolts up fine to my 4e head however the runners are short, very short! I couldn't fit my tuning developments fuel rail with this on (a standard fuel rail might as they are a bit smaller but I don't have one to hand). So I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about it?
  9. no rods needed just the piston heads, std size 4efte (will also consider forged if price is right) - has to be good condition. thanks ryan
  10. Item For Sale: 4EFTE/4EFE Rocker Cover, Custom Airbrush Pearlesnt & Smoothed Item Condition & Description: Rocker cover is in perfect condition, bit dirty underneath but impossible to help that! paint has cracked abit from the heat as you can see in the picture its on the left but otherwise very nice touch up to the engine bay! Was custom airbrushed and has a cam and pulley on , the colour is a pearlesnt purple with green flakes , looks mint in the sun! Price: £50 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal,Cash on Collection, you can sort your OWN courier, or i could de
  11. basically my car has been in bits now for a very long time and theres a few vac lines where I think I know where they go but I just want to be 100%. 1. does the vac line on the fpr go to the very small nipple on the first runner on the inlet mani? 2. does the bottom nipple on my tial wastegate go to my manual boost controller and then to a vacuum source? 3. does the nipple on the top of my tial wastegate vent to the atmosphere? 4. does the small nipple on the outlet of my td04 (where the boost pipe connects) also vent to atmosphere? any help at all would be really appreciat
  12. Item For Sale: 3 port boost solenoid ideal for standalone. Item Condition & Description: Perfect for anyone using a standalone with boost control features, same solenoid as used by Gizzmo. Brandnew only out of packaging for photo. had bought to use with my standalone but ended up using a ancient boost controller i found lol Price: 40 + postage Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Cash on Collection or Paypal
  13. Hi all I've searched around and read a few thread about dodgy idles but I can't quite find an answer. My car has been running fine for ages, but now when I pull up to traffic lights etc, it'll sit just under 2k revs when idle. If i blip the throttle, it'll settle down and return to normal - until I next pull up to some lights and it'll just do it again.. Any ideas what might cause this to happen? i've not removed any parts or fiddled with anything mechanical, idle sensors, throttle bodies, ecu's etc for well over a year, so I know I haven't done anything to cause it. Cheers
  14. 4EFTE engine from my Glanza v 1997 Item Condition & Description: I took this engine out of my glanza a couple of months ago because I think the bottom end bearings have gone but I havent even taken off the sump to have a look as I dont really have the time. Its currently stored at my work and my boss needs it out of his way otherwise I was planning on fixing it myself and selling it working! The engine has done about 120,000km, just had a new rocker cover gasket and PCV valve fitted aswel as the inlet being cleaned. I has the rocker cover powder coated in white fairly recently but after
  15. Item For Sale: 550cc Denso direct fit injectors Item Condition & Description: good condition Price: 190 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or Cash on collection Item For Sale: 370cc Denso direct fit injectors Item Condition & Description: need a clean! Price: Sold Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or Cash on collection Phil
  16. I wasnt going to do this for the simple fact that I dont like bad mouthing people and cant be bothered with the hassle that it brings but if I had read about the experience I have had before I sent my car there I wouldnt have took it. Basicaly I did my head gasket in doing a track day and instead of fixing it I decided I was going to go forged so I rang two companys one of which been race-tech and the other been another reputable tuner. Race-tech qouted me 8 weeks aposed the the 10 that the other quoted so i decided to go with race-tech. I drove the car down there in the state that it was in
  17. Hi guys, Found this if anyone's interested, no mention of driveshafts though, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-Gt-Turbo-6-Speed-Gearbox-Ep91-Ep82-4efte-/161224646106?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2589bcddda
  18. Morning Guys, This Morning on the way to work, I was nearly at the office after taking it easy waiting for her to get up to temp. On the final stretch I decided to give it a little more, but not the bull beans, and there was a big bang, like a misfire. immediately turned the engine off as it sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders, and rolled the rest of the way to the office. Got outside work and popped open the bonnet, oil has sprayed all up the back left of the engine bay (around the alternator and brake cylinder) so I got my generic mobile mechanic friend to come and look... as
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