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  1. started a new job and i now deliver around bmouth/poole/wareham, suprised when i saw a stunner of a mk1! looked like trisks??
  2. i was well confused i was like hmm i didnt have mine last year as i got mk3 lights toms rear spats ,white wheels blue nuts, blue tow hook etc lol
  3. appreciate it so much dude ! life saver.... LITERALLY
  4. paid and ordered mate , if you coul post asap id really appreciate it dude but just do ya best thanks so much!
  5. okay brilliant think i may order one as my wheel is VERY DANGEROUS
  6. hey socks that would be a great help allthough, could you guarentee wheel bearing lol ?
  7. ep82 nearside front hub needed ASAP as my wheel is about to fall off !!
  8. went to a meet and had some lovely photos taken ... also i ripped my bumper off getting out of the meet, i keep forgetting how bloody low it is lol! as i have celica GT-FOUR half splitters under the TOMS bumper
  9. hehe , personal preference i suppose ! thanks alot guys appreciate all feedback
  10. thanks buddy!! really?? and they are the same as rota gt3s but they are enkei sports or something but, my favourite wheels have always been the te37 style wheels so i love em!
  11. So this may make people jelly!... i picked up a GENUINE TOM'S kit for £100 .. okay its not the best condition but i am no perfectionist! karma = plank of wood with nails in my tyre after i fitted the kit, however i stole 2 of my brothers rota's which i will soon be buying the full set because they look awesome!
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